Respect for disabled gamers, play Fortnite with your mouth and still break the world record

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Rocky Stoutenburgh or “RockyNoHands” is literally a warrior. Despite being paralyzed in both arms and legs, he still plows the game with his… mouth. It is true that when one is passionate about something, one can overcome all difficulties and fears to live with that passion. And finally all the hard work paid off, not only being known as one of the top players of FortniteRocky Stoutenburgh also entered the Guinness Book of World Records 2020 with two titles: Gamer using QuadStick won the most in Fortnite and Gamer using QuadStick killed the most lives in a match.


Rocky is an unlucky gamer. He used to be an active young man, with an endless passion for sports such as long-distance cycling, hockey and of course games. But a big event happened that changed his life completely. In 2006, Rocky had a terrible accident that completely paralyzed his entire body from the neck down.

Although Rocky was only hospitalized for a short time, he was unable to immediately return to gaming for many years after his injury. He had low self-esteem and at that time, there weren’t many options available to the disabled gamer. Fortunately, his brother found the Quadstick (a special controller that allows the player to use his mouth to control the character in the game) and bought it for Rocky. He started practicing playing games with Quadstick from that time and until now, his skills have reached the point of mastery.


He also regularly posts his highlights on Youtube. For him, this is not only a great way to socialize, but also a way to let people know that gamers with disabilities can also play highly competitive games. Now, despite having two titles a world record, Rocky is still hard at work playing the game 8 hours a day in the hope of breaking his own record in the future. Curious about how RockyNoHands uses Quadstick to play games, readers can watch the video below:

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