Vainglory 5v5 with Storm Queen’s Dragons officially launched in February 2018

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Yesterday at the tournament Vainglory World Championship 2017 held in his hometown of Singapore, Super Evil Megacorp’s Devs officially announced the 5v5 mode will be updated in February 2018. This is something that both Vainglory community Been waiting patiently for a long time.

SEMC’s Devs review new mode

Besides the 5v5 mode, there will be a lot of changes to match this game mode. The most prominent and most noticeable part is the extremely sharp Graphics, not inferior to PC games. Along with that is a series of improvements such as:​

  • Rotational Strategies – Tactics become more flexible

  • Free Camera – Freely move the camera as you like

  • Last hitting – Improved lasthit mechanics

  • Wave control – Can affect wave minion

  • Lane teleports – Use teleport to lane turrets

  • Active items – New items with special skills appear

  • Intricate vision – map changes make vision more complicated than before

  • Fog of war – Fog, one of the important factors affecting visibility. Gamers can take advantage of this to hide or escape, depending on the skill.

It took SEMC a long time to improve Vainglory’s graphics, now with more than 3 million polygons, more than 200 movements and effects, the game can reach 120 fps – which is more than possible. Lots of PC games these days. It’s unthinkable for a mobile game.

The most special and also the biggest influence on 5v5 gameplay is the appearance of Storm Queen’s Dragons. There will be 2 dragons, Blackclaw and Ghostwing, appearing in turn from time to time in the game, each dragon has a special ability to support the team that successfully captures it, like Blackclaw has the ability to spit fire and push the remaining turrets. Ghostwing will create Shield to protect the entire team.


With a series of new changes, Super Evil Megacorp has shown their enthusiasm and vision when putting all their efforts into this 5v5 mode, to make Vainglory the world’s leading MOBA eSports game on mobile.

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