League of Legends: Samira just launched destroyed the meta, quickly put on the nerf list

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It’s only been a day since you League of Legends general Latest Samira launched, but the developers of Riot Games realized that this girl is too strong compared to other champions. Because of that, Samira was put on the list reducing power in the upcoming update.

Riot Mark Yetter said: “We are always trying to release new flavors new champion with long-term balance. Sometimes we get lucky and succeed on our first launch, but most of the time it’s fast-tracking. Based on our estimates and goals, Samira was clearly too strong on day one, so we’re acting quickly to address this. “


First, Samira’s base health will be reduced from 600 to 530. The power of her ultimate, Inferno Trigger, will also be reduced by a significant amount. These adjustments were made to make Samira a bit weaker in the early game, while also taking away some of the power from her ultimate.

Many people have complained that Samira is becoming overwhelming in both mid and bot lane. According to U.GG, this champion is having a 51% win rate at ranks from Diamond and above, which is extremely high for any new champion.


Samira’s total damage is already amazing, but her ultimate makes her an unstoppable force. Combined with her ability to destroy enemy projectiles with Blade Whirl, she has become a major threat in all lanes.

Until the real Samira destroy meta, Riot should quickly find a way to rebalance her skill set. As with the first release of Aphelios, we’ve seen some balance issues popping up over and over again. Before a series of nerfs brought him back to Earth, Archer once dominated became one of the most pick and banned champions early this year.​

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