Youtuber plays big, spends 1.6 billion “degrees” of super huge PS5 up to 3m high

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As the world’s largest video platform, Youtube provides a wide range of content to entertain viewers, from music, movies, to unique content like no other. With 19 million subscribers, ZHC is a quite famous Youtube channel with super cool custom furniture videos of the channel owner. Not only customizing small and beautiful items like shoes or phones, recently ZHC and his group of friends also spent up to 100 hours working continuously to “customize” one. PS5 super giant with a height of up to 3m and a cost of more than 70,000 USD (~ 1.6 billion VND).

This is also the largest PS5 to date certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. Moreover, the $70,000 figure is also an estimate because of the fact that ZHC had to spend more in the process of making its video.

To take things to the next level, Youtuber even set up a 100-hour challenge, which means he and his friends are required to work continuously to complete this PS5 in just 100 hours. In the video, each person will be in charge of decorating one side of the giant PS5, in addition they also need to customize other regular PS5s as gifts for fans. As shared, if this video reaches 1 million likes, this YouTuber will give away 100 PS5 sets to the lucky ones. While the PS5 is currently sold out, this promise is indeed very attractive.


Since opening for sale at the end of last year, PS5 as well as Xbox Series X have been continuously sold out due to the production process being affected by the epidemic and too high user demand. Many hoarders have taken advantage of this situation to hold goods and sell them at exorbitant prices, so owning a PS5 right now is the dream of many gamers. It is known that ZHC also has to pay up to $ 1000 for a PS5 and if this video really gets 1 million likes, the amount of money to buy 100 units to give to fans is not a small number. To subscribe to this Youtuber’s channel and watch more videos, you can visit at THIS.​

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