League of Legends: Score 3 Kpop stars who are Faker’s loyal fanboys

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Recently, the “harem” of the “Demon King” has added a new member – Zion.T – singer Korean hip-hop, R&B. The handsome singer shared on Instagram a photo of an ice cream cone with a picture Faker. He even wrote on the photo with the message: “Someone I respect”, which his fans admire more and more. Idol their own.


Before Zion.T, Super Junior member Heechul was also a fanboys the passion of the “Demon King”. He even canceled his parties to go on a show with Faker.


Furthermore, Baekhyun (EXO) is very interested in Faker. SM’s main vocalist couldn’t hide his excitement when he met him at the launch event SKT 5G’s in South Korea. He can only greet and laugh continuously, perhaps because he is too emotional to sit next to his idol.


Perhaps needless to say, Faker has an attractive aura that can attract a wide range of people, including famous people all over the world.

It’s no wonder that Faker is loved by many celebrities because of his talent and great achievements in Esports. I have become legendary with 3 positions The champion of the world and many other outstanding successes that brought him to the top of a player Professional Esports.​

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