League of Legends: Riot Games owes money to Worlds champions

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As a team League of Legends Korea most recently won the title The champion of the world, Samsung Galaxy not only won the top honors of the Season, but also the rewards that mark their victories throughout the history of the game: Samsung Galaxy Skins.

Current skin This includes: SSG Gnar – CuVeeSSG Ezreal – Haru, SSG Jarvan IV – Ambition, SSG Taliyah – Crown, SSG Xayah – Ruler and SSG Rakan – CoreJJ.


In addition, the players will earn 25% of the total revenue from skin Worlds along with the championship prize of the tournament. For example, Ruler will get 25% of the revenue from the sale of SSG Xayah, while SKT T1 Zed, SKT T1 Ryze and SKT T1 Syndra will each share with Faker 1/4 of their total revenue.

This is a tradition that has existed since 2013 when the line world champion skins first launched (the TPA skin line honors the 2012 world championship, while the champion skins Fnatic’s 2011 world was launched in 2014). Recently, CuVee, former player of Samsung Galaxy revealed on stream that even though it’s been 3 years, he hasn’t earned a dime from selling SSG skins since they released.

CuVee said that the two members who are no longer in Korea, mid laner Crown and support player CoreJJ, received the money without any problems. However, as of today Korean players have not received anything from skin revenues.


According to CuVee, after the 2017 World Championship, CuVee, Ruler, and retired player Ambition have yet to receive their share of the revenue through the sale of Samsung Skins.

The possible explanation is because Samsung Galaxy has dissolution in 2017, right after they won the World Championship. Their position was soon taken over by a Chinese organization, KSV eSports, and renamed it Geng after that. Their disbandment can cause some confusion regarding contracts and documents leading to unexpected delays.

After that, Riot Games Feedback has been received: “We are investigating the reason for this delay and are working to ensure that funds reach CuVee as soon as possible.”

Follow Riot Games, there are a lot of documents that need to be prepared such as contracts, tax related documents and there may be a difference in the time it takes to receive and handle the case. Normally, the profits will go to the players 2 years after the release of the champion skin.​

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