Capcom announces new sequel to Monster Hunter

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During the introduction of Nintendo Switch happened yesterday, Capcom officially announced Monster Hunter Rise – The latest version of the cult monster hunting game series. Known as role-playing game This action will officially release on March 26, 2020, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Players can pre-order the game right now.​

In the published trailer, Capcom showed players a variety of monsters in the game, including Aknosom, Tetranadon, Great Izuchi, and Magnamalo. The developer explains that the word “rise” in the game’s name was inspired by the game’s new ability to climb walls. Also the player Monster Hunter Rise can also use small anchors, a skill provided by a creature named Wirebug.​


Players also have a new companion, the dog Palamute. Palamute can run without losing stamina, and can also help hunters attack monsters. Players can bring two companions with them in single-player and one companion in multiplayer.

There’s also a premium version with some extras, such as layered armor as well as a new gesture pack. If pre-ordered, players will get extra skins for Palamute and Palico along with a new gesture pack. an amulet to aid new players in the early stages.


Monster Hunter series was first released in 2004 on PS2, then developer Capcom also continuously released new sequels to enrich the series. In addition to the upcoming titles, a movie inspired by Monster Hunter is also expected to be released in 2021.​

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