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The actress who voiced Tifa received death threats, the police got involved

Can speak voice actor are also an important part of the game, they contribute to a more realistic representation of the characters in that game. However, it is often said that an actor is a “marriage of a hundred families”, voice actors are no exception, even if they try their best to express their characters, they do not always receive support. from the side gamer.​


Ayumi Ito is a Japanese actress, in 2005 she first tried herself as a voice actress for the character. Tifa Lockhart of Kingdom Hearts 2 and later went on to voice the character in Japanese. Next year, she will participate in the project Final Fantasy 7 Remakebut sadly, it is also because of this that she is facing threats.

In addition to voicing Tifa, this actress also starred in a number of movies and TV shows. Sankei News once reported that a woman in her 20s had sent threats to Ito’s website with content such as “I hate her (Ito), I want to kill her” or “I will stab her” with all my might”. It is known that this threat came after Ito appeared in a live-action movie.​


On this November 6, a man in his 30s sent a threat to the game development company, writing that he wanted the company to choose someone else to voice the character Ito is taking on. Sankei did not reveal the name of the company under threat, but the Sanspo site’s listing includes the series’ developer. Final Fantasy. This man wrote that “I want to poke her eyes out with a knife.”​


According to Kyodo News, these two do not know each other, perhaps the only thing in common is that they both do not like Ayumi Ito to appear in their favorite movies or games. After making threats, both of them were prosecuted.​

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