League of Legends: Instructions to play Seraphine – Skills, pearl boards, equipment


In the update 10.22 of the League of LegendsRiot has released a music idol general with an extremely beautiful appearance called Seraphine. Let’s learn how to play this new general through the article below.


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League of Legends: Instructions to play Seraphine – Skills, pearl boards, equipment

Skills set and how to increase skill points

Passive – Queen of the Stage

Seraphine’s Passive Stage Queen has 2 effects as follows:

  • Every 3rd basic ability that Seraphine uses will create Vigil for that ability to be activated again.
  • When Seraphine uses a skill near an ally, she will receive a Musical Note stack that increases attack range and magic damage for basic attacks.

High note – Q


Seraphine casts a pure tone, causing the target to take magic damage based on their missing health. Combined with Vong’s passive will help this ability deal massive damage to low-health enemies.

Surround Sound – W


Seraphine envelops herself and all nearby allies with a shield and increases their movement speed. If she already has a shield (thanks to Vong Yin), she will heal her teammates. This can be said to be an extremely good support skill, both speeding up, armored and healing. And most importantly, it is for teammates as well.

Temporal Change – E


Swapping – E is quite a creative and unique skill for Seraphine. She will send a beam of sound waves forward, slowing targets hit. If the target is already slowed, they will be rooted, and if rooted, they will be stunned. The uniqueness of this skill lies in its very good combination with other skills of your teammates, creating a very scary crowd control chain.

Last move – Song of Lan Xa


As its name implies, the ultimate move Khuc Ca Lan Lan is a wave that extends the range of effect for each enemy or ally hit. Against enemies it will be mesmerizing and deal magic damage. With allies, it stacks up to maximum of Musical Notes.

The usual skill increase order is max Q -> E -> W, R Get the right level.

Jade table for Seraphine

Jade table

Super gem we can use gem Frozen upgrades, helps bring more ability to slow down the opponent. The accessory gems include:

  • Inspirational branch: Magic footsteps, Army cleaners, Good luck continues
  • Overpowering branch: Simple shot, Ultimate Hunter.

How to dress Seraphine

It depends on which lane the player uses to map properly.

If you play support, you can go up:

  • The incense burner is boiling: Increases heal value and creates a shield for allies.
  • Mobile shoes: Super high speed increase.
  • Devil’s Cup: Increases healing for allies.

If you play mid laner

  • Resonating sounds: Ability power and spread damage increased.
  • Two swords of calamity: Works well with Seraphine’s intrinsic.
  • Wizard shoes: Magic resistance increased.

I wish you success with Seraphine!

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