Free Fire: Top characters with the best healing skills

Fast healing is extremely important in Garena Free Fire. The characters with great healing skills below will help you survive in the arena Free Fire.

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Free Fire has a unique character system, making it stand out from other games of the same genre. Garena Free Fire has more than 40 different characters with unique combat assistant skills. There are skills that help you increase damage, run speed, and restore HP and EP.

This article will synthesize for you top characters with the best healing skills in Free Fire game up to the present time.

Characters with the best healing skills in the Free Fire game


Character heals in Free Fire

Tomboy Notora is a member of the motorcycle group, featuring the ability Race’s Blessing – restoring HP to all allies using the same vehicle as her. At its highest, Notora’s skill restores 5HP every 2 seconds to all who ride in the car.

Notora is currently underestimated. However, she is really helpful in Squad mode, especially when the teammates are far away from the comfort zone. Notora’s skill is passive so you can use it with other active skills. There is no limit or cooldown when using this Free Fire character’s ability.


A124 has high healing power in Free Fire

The A124 is an active skill fighting robot called Thrill of Battle. When activated this skill, it will speed up EP consumption and heal faster. At maximum, the A124 can turn 50EP into HP quickly. This skill gives the A124 a great advantage in 1 on 1 combat. Combined with other characters like Miguel, you will never run out of EP.

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However, the skill of the A124 is proactive. It has a long cooldown, up to 90 seconds. Therefore, you need to timing the use of this character at the right time instead of just using Thrill of Battle whenever possible.


Alok in Free Fire

Alok is one of Free Fire’s greatest characters. Alok’s Drop the Beat skill creates a circle that increases movement speed and HP for all players inside. At maximum, Alok can regenerate 5 HP per second for 10 seconds. Increased movement speed is also a great addition in survival battles.


Skyler in Free Fire

Skyler is one of the newest characters in the game Free Fire. He is both the CEO and a famous musician. When Skyler activates Riptide Rhythm, you will see a shock wave destroy the entire Gloo Wall blocking its path.

This ability also has a passive factor, allowing Skyler to heal faster every time he creates a Gloo Wall. At the top, HP regen will start at 9 and give Skyler a large amount of health. In this case, you can think of Gloo Wall as a better quality Med Kit.


K character in Free Fire

K is a Free Fire character based on the Indian American DJ – KSHMR. The Master of All skill allows him to switch between 2 modes. One is to increase the passive EP by up to 150. The other is 500% EP consumption. K’s maximum EP has also been increased to 250.

K will give you infinite heal in first mode and quick recovery in second. This makes it extremely difficult for K to be killed in combat. Obviously, K is undeniably the best healing and healing character in the Free Fire game.

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The above are some fast-healing characters, the best for you when playing Free Fire. If you know any other characters, please share with readers offline!

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