Practice typing with 10 fingers super fast with Mario Teaches Typing

Mario Teaches Typing, an ingenious combination of the game Mario legends and 10-finger keystroke exercises. This combination adds to the fun of typing lessons and retains the basics of the game, so players can learn while playing and don’t find this typing tedious.

Mario Teaches Typing

In each mode of learning and practice Mario Teaches Typing will introduce your own ways to play, such as counting timing typing, number of characters typed and number of characters typed incorrectly. You will know your typing speed and accuracy. Let find out how your typing speed will be improved through this game.

10-finger typing lessons through Mario Teaches Typing

1. Practice typing with the right keys with fast speed

Mario Teaches Typing

With this typing method, our Mario guy will have to complete the task of destroying the turtle monster like in the original Mario game and breaking the bricks on his head when encountered along the way. Bricks and turtle monsters will have a letter on the keyboard, you just need to press the key to let Mario go through. This typing method is simple, but at the difficult level, it also requires you to be quick and quick to achieve high scores.

2. Typing text quickly

Mario Teaches Typing

Once you have practiced with the individual characters you can move through the Mario level underwater, try to swim fast to get rid of the monster behind you.

Mario’s swimming speed will be calculated by long texts with capital letters, often, punctuation, which requires you to type accurately to pass the screen.

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Note one thing is that you must turn off Unikey to increase typing speed, because the text in the game is entirely in English, so turn it off to avoid typing in the wrong characters, making the final result inaccurate.

3. Practice typing with long sentences

Mario Teaches Typing

Basically, this typing method is the same as fast text typing, the only difference is that in this game you will go on land and the words in the text are longer words.

4. Type text with 10 fingers

Mario Teaches Typing

In each typing exercise, you will see a picture of two white hands, at each time there will be a colored finger, which is the finger that you need to use to type the letter appearing on the screen. Figure. That’s how Mario Teaches Typing guides you to type. This is a great way for you to practice your best reflexes when typing.

At the bottom of the screen, your typing result will appear, it will include the number of characters typed, the number of errors, the number of words per minute, the percentage set, the screen execution time.

Mario Teaches Typing

Above, has summarized the percussion and typing methods on Mario Teaches Typing, game with graphic style, musical characters in the early 90s. Very interesting. Importantly, it will help you improve your typing speed without getting bored while practicing typing on the computer.

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