How to get a hat in Among US

Among Us Hat is one of the unique accessories that many players love. Do you want to know how to own Among Us hats Not yet, especially a unique Halloween hat? Let’s find out with!

What is Among Us hats?

Among Us's hats

Among Us’s hat Interesting accessories for both astronauts and murderers. It is just a beauty accessory so it does not affect the gameplay Among Us, but will make your character become impressive in the eyes of your friends in the world.

How to have a hat in Among Us

How to have a hat in Among Us

There are 93 hats in Among Us, of which 34 are free for mobile players and more than 16 for players who have bought the game on PC, the rest are sold at prices from 0.99 USD to 1.99 USD depending on the level of period. their strange.

In addition to the hats available for in-store purchase, players also have access to a collection of seasonal festive hats, which now include Halloween and Christmas. You will have a chance to unlock 12 Halloween hats and 8 Christmas hats in Among Us on that special holiday.

How to get a Halloween hat in Among Us

Among Us Halloween Hat

If you want to unlock this special Among Us hat, you must change the time and date on your device. How to get a Halloween hat in Among Us is as follows:

  1. If using a PC, move the mouse to the taskbar and right click on the date and time.
  2. If you see it Set Time Automatically is selected, uncheck it.
  3. Set the date and time to October 30, 2019. Reload the game and when the time is midnight, come Customize to get a Halloween hat and put on it for your character Among Us.
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For players Among Us on mobile, setting the date and time will be in the Settings menu of your device. Next Settings> General Management> Date and time. Then turn it off Automatic date and time will allow you to change the system date to the right time for Halloween.

Halloween Hat in Among Us

Above is everything you need to know about how to get a hat in Among Us. Hope the article will help you play the game more interesting.

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