Top 7 records no one has been able to break in the professional League of Legends arena (P.1) top 7 ky luc lmht 8 - Emergenceingame

first. Longest match history: SKT T1 with Jin Air Greenwings – 94 minutes 36 seconds


The match with a score of 2 – 1 belonged to Jin Air Greenwings in the confrontation with SKT T1 with a total time of 94 minutes 36 seconds in 2018 became the longest professional match in history of League of Legendsdefeat record earlier in 2013 91 minutes 21 seconds between ahq e-Sports and Hong Kong Attitude.

Jin Air’s victory came from a very resilient home defense having lost all three soldiers. With the terrible damage of Sivir in Teddy’s hand, the “laser at the ancient stone pedestal” in the words of the Korean caster strongly repelled each wave of SKT’s attacks, making the game extremely dramatic.

The match is also broken a world record Prior to that, the highest minion stats in a professional match with 1465 minions from Teddy and 1000 minions from Bang.

2. The shortest match: KL Hunters vs Armageddon – 11 minutes 48 seconds


Within the framework of the tournament IEM Season 7 in Singapore, the epic battle between KL Hunters and Armageddon ended quickly in the surprise of the fans. fan. No trolling, no selling, no connection problems, simply KL Hunters was too strong compared to the opponent.

The match ended with 19 kills, KL Hunters easily destroyed the structures and brought themselves a convincing victory and a new world record.

As for Armageddon, they continued to be destroyed in the following match with EloHell with a time of only 13 minutes, becoming the loser in two consecutive world records for matches. Professional League of Legends the shortest.

3. Maximum number of kills in a match: Valkyrie – 24 lives


The record was set at GPL Spring 2015 with 24 kills from Valkyrie in Insidious Gaming Legends vs Team KTHXBAI. The bloody record was set by the overwhelming difference in strength between the two teams, Insidious Legends easily destroyed the opponent and the mid laner easily took kills with the too powerful champion at that time, Leblanc .

There’s an average of one kill every two minutes, and Valkyrie has broken the record of 23 kills set by CJ Entus player Space. And his victim, the poor KoaLa player, also has a record for himself most dead in a match with 17 lying down.​

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