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Laughing at the male student who is crazy about PUBG every day, he is equipped with hats 3, backpacks 3 to go to school

Since its launch in early 2017, PUBG has been quickly embraced by gamers around the world. The house of PUBg enthusiasts and images of characters and battle costumes in PUBG are constantly being cosplayed by fans in many different styles. Even with its influence, PUBG also became an endless source of inspiration for the birth of yearbook photos, wedding photos that could not be more “quality”.

However, to the point of being able to bravely equip both a 3-day hat and a 3-day backpack to school like the male student below is truly remarkable.


The image was witnessed and taken by a gamer and shared on the PUBG community. At a glance, it can be guessed that the guy is probably just a middle school student when he is still wearing a red scarf to go to school. The owner of the photo said that the boy on almost every day cosplayed the same outfit to go to school. “Among the 122,000 members of the group, is there a young man who dares to cosplay like this boy who goes to school every day? I respect him so much, he is equipped with hat 3 and backpack 3 every day.

The photo, after being spread online, immediately made many people, especially PUBG fans, feel extremely funny and confirmed that this guy has become a super fan of the hot game. However, it still received mixed reviews. Some of them think that it is a manifestation of being too crazy about the game, unable to distinguish what is game and what is real. But there are opinions to stand in defense: “This is just a passion, if you like it, move it, but it’s wearing a hat 3, wearing a backpack 3, does it affect anyone’s house?” nice “If it likes to wear it, it carries it, if it looks beautiful, it’s called an addiction? It’s like that, but surely it spends more time playing games than many people here?”…


Surely the PUBG community also asked the Chinese student to wear the same outfit as the characters in PUBG to go to military school. Instead of wearing normal military uniform, cloth hat, canvas shoes like you guys, this guy upgraded his boring training suit with helmet, armor, gloves, soldier boots and more. cover the whole face.


Indeed, it is not uncommon for gamers to bring their passion to real life. Thereby demonstrating the influence of PUBG on the current life of gamers. However, it is true that everything should stop at its limits, even if it is a passion, it should not affect too much in your real life.

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