Valorant will record gamers to deal with toxic components

Valorant se ghi am game thu de xu ly nhung thanh phan - Emergenceingame

Riot Games changed the Privacy Notice and Terms of Service with the note that all voice chat in Valorant will be record aimed at combating “voice disturbances”. According to the announcement, other Riot games, such as League of Legends, may also adopt this measure in the future.

“We recognize that reducing disruptive behavior is a complex issue that requires long-term investment and multiple approaches – especially when it comes to voice communication,” Riot said. There’s still a lot of work ahead, but we’re committed to providing the experience players deserve while in our game. We are exploring other approaches with the belief that these will improve the in-game experience. Updates on the above plan will be revealed in the coming months, but we believe the ability to handle reports of toxic voice chat is one of the first steps towards a closer to a healthier community. “


Riot claims that the recorded conversations will become data to evaluate reports of disruptive behavior. After the end of the evaluation period, the data will be deleted. “Updated Privacy Notice allows us to record and potentially evaluate voice data when using Riot-owned voice channels. When a player submits a report of disruptive or offensive behavior in voice chat, the relevant audio data is stored in the reporter’s account and used to assess whether the above behavior is infringing. Terms of Service. If we find a violation, we will take action. Once the evaluation is complete, the data will be deleted. If no violations are detected or no reports are made within a certain period of time, the data is also deleted.”

If you want to avoid recording voice chat, players need to turn off the chat feature and use other software to communicate.​

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