Who is “Loc idol” after all, that made the Audition community make waves all the time?

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If you are a member of the Prom City group Audition Surely no one will not know the guy with the nickname Pham Van Loc. It’s not because of the high vip, the rich or the handsome model many girls dream of, but the reason why this gamer is widely known for constantly spamming the community with 1001 nuanced selfies, or “weird” clips with scary frequencies, with status lines showing off their confidence.

That makes this 94-year-old gamer from Khanh Hoa receive many “bricks and stones” as well as jokes from everyone. Many people think that the guy plays like a virtual life, but it seems that all the axes of public opinion can’t extinguish that incomparable spirit of self-love. “If I like it, I’ll post it.” Not only did he stop in the Audition group, he also expanded his area of ​​activity to other forums and groups on facebook. Loc idol just kept emerging as a phenomenon with many mixed praise and criticism.​


So, who is this “Loc idol” or “Loc million like” that makes the online community so excited?

On the occasion of Audition’s 12th birthday, the admin team of this game had a meeting and live chat to learn more about the guy. Different from a sassy, ​​muddy, arrogant guy on social media, behind that is an optimism that transcends fate and circumstances to bring joy to those around him.

As you know, “Loc idol” full name is Pham Van Loc, born in 1994, current main job is bricklayer. Her mother died early, the family only had two people, Loc and her younger sister. Every day, he had to get up early in the morning to go to the construction site. Loc has been doing this job for 6 years now. The job of a bricklayer, regardless of whether it’s sunny or rainy day, his face and clothes are always smeared with mud, sweat and even… lake. But this is the job that helps Loc and her sister have a better life.


In his spare time, Loc often goes online to see interesting things and learn to follow. With the enthusiastic participation of the brothers in the construction team, each product of Loc was born and released to the online community. In addition to filming entertaining and funny clips, Loc also relaxes by playing games and Audition is one of his “gut” games. Thanks to that, Loc knew the Audition Prom City and the impressive pitch.


“Going to Prom City in September last year, Loc posted a picture for the first time, and then wrote the stutus as “So handsome, so sad handsome, everyone, anyone can talk to me, let’s talk for fun , its so sad”. Then comment too much, get scolded.” Male gamer recounted.

In fact, it has been seen that the seemingly excessive status of this character received a lot of comments, most of which were harsh and disparaging words. For an ordinary person it is possible to drown in those words. But with Loc, he considers these things very normal. “I posted it even though I was cursed but I saw a lot of people having fun so I posted it, nothing more. As long as people don’t like it, I’m fine.” The male gamer innocently explained.

Ignoring the harsh comments, Loc continued to express himself with different clips, with remarkable creativity. Then those things paid off, as more and more people followed the product. Inaudible comments were replaced with funny jokes, praising the creativity and optimism of the bricklayer. In real life, he is also extremely loved by his colleagues because of his sincere, honest, funny personality, and hard-working and serious in his work.


Recently, at the Audition birthday offline, “Luc idol” also suddenly appeared, attracting the attention of gamers present here. The special thing is that many people who have the opportunity to contact and talk to Loc in the offline session all have common comments about the guy, which is extremely gentle, simple and friendly. That’s why many people have to completely change their perception of Loc after this meeting in real life, and feel love for him because of his honest, non-colorful personality. Perhaps Loc himself just wanted to bring joy and laughter to himself, as well as to everyone around him.


So from a person who was mocked by the whole community, Pham Van Loc has now received more sympathy and understanding from everyone around. Perhaps this is also a typical example of the saying “Don’t look at your face, make a picture”, we can’t completely judge a person without having the opportunity to interact, get close and listen to them.​

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