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The Nine Great Wars officially landed on PC and mobile platforms in the coming days. Players will have to quickly hunt for the latest Code of Nine Great War to become the legendary Hokage in the Naruto world.

Ninjas can pre-load the game Nine Great War on PC and mobile platforms, an idle arena game inspired by the popular Naruto manga/anime. Along with that is the feature of entering Code Nine Great War to receive exclusive rewards that many gamers have been waiting for.

1. Introduction to Nine Greats War game

Nine Great War brings players famous characters in Naruto, with 6 main battles including Wind – Lightning – Water – Fire – Light – Darkness. Here, you can change the appropriate equipment for each character to help foster and improve abilities. Nine Great War is a tactical arena game, sharp 2D graphics with a meticulous sound system to help you experience engaging and attractive matches.

2. Outstanding features of the game Nine Greats War

– Experience the matches on PC and mobile.
– 5vs5 vertical screen battle mode with top combat phases.
– 6 main business battles and many different systems.
– Skills and extremely eye-catching 2D graphics.
– Get unlimited login gifts and events.
– Enjoy recruiting Ninja with 1000 card draws.
– Squad system with a diverse list of generals.


Summary of the latest Code of Cuu Dai Chien Mobile

3. What are the benefits of entering the game Code of the Nine Great War?

Enter the Code of the Nine Great War to receive the general Uchiha Sasuke, Recruit Ticket, Champion Shard,, Hyorogan, Rib Ramen Ticket, Gold, ninja EXP, Booty …. and other resources to help you upgrade your champion’s strength for adventure as well as PvP & PvE.

4. Code of the Nine Great War

Currently, Code Nine Great Warriors New Player has not appeared, the game is in the development and completion stage. Taimienphi will update the latest Nine Great War Giftcodes to readers as soon as information is available.

5. How to enter Code Nine Great War


6. How to get new Nine Great War Codes

During this time, players who participate in the Like Fanpage & Share Trailer event at the forum will receive their own Code of Cuu Dai Chien, and surprise gifts are waiting for players to own.
– Home Nine Great Wars
– Fanpage of Cuu Dai Chien
– Group Cuu Dai Chien
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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