Hard fan claims GTA 5 livestream continuously until GTA 6 announced, Rockstar Games…

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GTA 5 Truly a resounding success of Rockstar Games, released for 6 years, but this game still regularly appears on Steam’s list of best-selling games of the month, and at the same time reached the top of the best-selling games of all time. Although the mods of GTA 5 is always released regularly, giving players more new experiences, but anyway this super product has been out for a long time, gamers are looking forward to information about the new sequel of the series.​

Mod Pop-Culture Statues around Los Santos, giving GTA 5 Optimus Prime, Superman, Captain America and T-Rex.

To express my expectations to GTA 6Recently, a group of hardcore fans of the Grand Theft Auto series with a Youtube channel of 10HoursMovies announced that they will continue to livestream driving in GTA 5 until Rockstar Games announces the existence of GTA 6… Up to now. writing, according to sharing from 10HoursMovies, they have been livestreaming for 14 days 20 hours 35 minutes, driving 889 times around the vast San Andreas map.​


Of course, people also need time to eat and sleep, and this group of hardcore fans is no exception. However, to keep their promise of 24/7 livestream, at times when they have to take a break, they still don’t turn off the game but let the AI ​​drive instead. According to the description written below the livestream, because the uncertainties surrounding the GTA 6 announcement are too great, their livestream is expected to last for more than a year. This 1-year period seems still quite optimistic while all things related to GTA 6 are now revealed only in the form of rumors.​


10HoursMovies’ livestream attracted the attention of many players from different countries around the world, many of whom donated to help this group of gamers continue with their work and set world records. Besides, some viewers are curious to see if 10HoursMovies really persists until GTA 6 is announced or will give up halfway and let the AI ​​drive it all the way. Some viewers also made certain requests to see if it was true that someone was driving the vehicle. So, Rockstar, when will the company announce GTA 6?

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