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11311 - Emergenceingame is a service software that is often installed under some software on the computer by default, this service will attach to the homepage of the browsers of Google Chrome, Firefox and Coc Coc causing annoyance and discomfort. , so many people want to remove to remove the nuisance.

The problem of is always displayed on the Firefox homepage every time it is opened because the user has mistakenly installed the unwanted service software, this situation is also often seen on Google Chrome, download CocCoc and Opera. To completely solve this problem, users must perform some operations in this article to remove from firefox.

go laban in firefox

To ensure the best experience with Firefox, readers should update Firefox to the latest version.

How to remove, remove from Firefox

Method 1: Use Firefox settings to remove from Firefox

How to remove from Firefox on computer browsers has differences between different versions, mainly on how to do it.

*Applicable to old versions of Firefox

For users of the old version of Firefox, you can apply the following way

Step 1: Click on the icon Firefox > Options > Options

go laban firefox

Or you can also press Alt to bring up the Firefox title bar menu and select Tools >Options.

go bo on firefox

Step 2: In the interface Options >Generalyou click on the item Restore to Default to restore the original default startup page.

Press OK to save

* Applies to new Firefox versions.

Users who have updated Firefox or installed a new version of Firefox can refer to the following instructions to remove from Firefox.

Step 1: Click on the Menu icon >Options to access Firefox’s settings page.


Step 2: In the cell General >Home Pageyou click option Restore to Default to restore the default page address on Firefox. Restart Firefox to see the effect.

delete on firefox

go to firefox lab

Method 2: Use Control Panel to remove from Firefox

Step 1: Access Control Panel on Windows. With Windows 7 and Windows 10, you can go to Control Panel on Windows 10 by clicking Start menu > typing Control Panel and press Enter to access.

go to lab on firefox

On Windows 8 and 8.1, just right-click on the left corner of the screen and select Control Panel.

Step 2: Access Programs > Programs and Features

clean firefox lab

Or you can also go directly to the link Uninstall a program outside the Programs screen.

remove the laban from firefox

Step 3: Find Laban app and right click on app and select Uninstall. Go back to Firefox to see the results.

go to lab without firefox

Press Yes to confirm the deletion of from Firefox.

Wait a moment for the application to be removed from your computer. So you can remove from Firefox already.

Method 3: Use software to remove to remove from Firefox

Readers can use Revo Uninstall or Your Unistall or CCleaner software to remove from Firefox.

In this trick, uses Ccleaner to remove from Firefox

Step 1: Open CCleaner on Windows. Continue to tab Tools >Uninstall.

clean go bo laban firefox

Step 2: In the interface of the Uninstall tab, find the application, click and press Uninstall to uninstall.

go to firefox lab

Step 3: Wait a moment for CCleaner to remove from Firefox as well as your computer.

go to lab on firefox

Thus, has shared with you how to remove from Firefox. is a rather annoying service for many users, so due to the nature of rarely interacting with the home screen of many users, it is extremely necessary to remove from the computer. so that users can restore the experience when using Firefox or other browsers such as downloading Google Chrome, Coc Coc or Opera. notes to readers that readers need to update Firefox to the new version, and besides, regularly delete Firefox history to avoid leaving historical traces that can be tracked by hackers. .If necessary, you should remove the add-on on Firefox to avoid being plugged into your computer by junk add-ons or extensions that cause the above discomfort.

If you use IE, refer to how remove from IE okay, removing laban from IE is also quite simple, not as complicated as many people think when facing this annoying situation.
IE is the oldest browser on the computer, but since the launch of Windows 10, IE is no longer the default browser, instead it is Microsoft Edge, if you want to remove IE to speed up your computer. then you can refer to how to uninstall IE that we have provided.

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