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Mong Dai Hiep belongs to the unique 5vs5 mobile game genre with many familiar martial arts masters from the Kim Dung series, on the occasion of the launch of the NPH game to give Taimienphi readers many sets of Code. Dream Dai Hiep value and hundreds of in-kind rewards when participating in events at the forum.

With the desire for players to have a perfect experience, the publisher gives away free sets Code Dream Dai Hiep Very cool, including many valuable rewards, equipment and character cards to give your squad a strong fighting power, overcome many levels.

the game code is long enough

Mong Dai Hiep – Card strategy game on Android and iOS

Code Chung Mong Dai Hiep

CODE 1: Sonhapgiangho
CODE 2: Mongdaihiep
CODE 3: mungmong1year-old
CODE 4: tettansuu
CODE 5: mayman
CODE 6: tetvuinhumon

How to get Code Mong Dai Hiep

Event 1: Share and receive gifts
– Reward: Code of the game Mong Dai Hiep
– Link to join: Event 1

Event 2: New Server Gift
– Reward: Code Dream Dai Hiep
– Link to join: Event 2

Event 3: Share your feelings
– Reward: GiftCode Mong Dai Hiep
– Link to join: Event 3

Some other places to receive free Mong Dai Hiep GiftCode
– Link Official Website here
– Link to Fanpage forum here
– Link Group here.

the game code is long enough

Instructions to enter GiftCode code Mong Dai Hiep

Step 1: At the main screen interface, click the . icon extend => choose Setting.

giftcode game hope dai hiep

Step 2: In the table Setting, click GiftCode and enter Code Dream Dai Hiep in the empty box in the middle of the screen => click Agree.

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how to enter game code hope dai hiep

Dai Hiep Practice Come on, the role-playing swordplay game has quite simple fighting gameplay, you can join the Gypsy on your phone or computer browser. Code for the game Dai Hiep Practices for anyone looking.

Link download Mong Dai Hiep for Android and iOS

=> Link Download Mong Da Hiep for Android

=> Link Download Mong Da Hiep for iPhone
King of Gods VTC is a Japanese style role-playing game that will be released by the publisher VTC in the near future, right now, you can participate in events to receive rewards. Code of King of Gods VTC okay then.

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