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Life is inherently unfair, sometimes one person’s finish line is the other’s starting point, but if after entering Code Teenage Hero Gamota, things are not like that. You can pass hundreds of copies and get many treasures for free without any deposit.

Right after launch, Gamota launched many special events for players to collect Code Teenage Heroes Free, each GiftCode contains different special gifts, they are all valuable resources for players to overcome many stages to start in the most favorable way.

1. About Game Teenage Hero Gamota

Teenage Heroes is a general strategy card game developed based on the novel by writer Kim Dung, your main task is to recruit famous heroes and form a 6-person squad to overcome the gates of main tasks, collect resources, equip items with the purpose of improving squad combat strength, participate in activities to defeat other players.

2. Outstanding features of the game Teenage Hero Gamota

– Kim Dung standard card game role-playing game
– Famous characters come out of Kim Dung series
– Extremely unique learning system for players to compete with high and low
– Give away VIP 6, exclusive Newbie title and 100 high-end generals
– Diverse and rich combo mechanism between characters
– Many inter-server activities, siege and battle.

Gamota hero

Summary of the latest Gamota Mobile Heroic Teenager Code

3. Why enter Game Code Teenage Hero Gamota?

For each strategy game, the use of GiftCode is essential, they not only allow you to receive resources, but also add more heroes with skills or network qualities, making it easier for you to overcome. through many difficult gates.
– Natural needle protection
– SSS-class masterpiece champion
– Free Trophies
– Equip items to improve the character of generals
– Lost martial arts

4. Latest Gamota Heroic Teenager Code List


Taimienphi is updating and adding the latest Gamota Youth Hero Code weekly to the article for readers to use and receive free rewards.

5. How to enter Code Teenage Hero Gamota

Step 1: At the main screen in the game, click reverse arrow icon.

Gamota hero

Step 2: Next, you choose System Mini Settings just appeared.

list of heroic game codes

Step 3: Next choose the card Redeem GiftCode.

enter the code for the hero's game of gamota

Step 4: Import Code Teenage Hero Gamota latest in the empty box, click Confirm.


Step 5: Go to Letters get reward for redeeming Code Teenage Hero Gamota.

total code of heroic hero gamota

full code of heroic hero gamota

6. How to get new Gamota Heroic Teen Code
Own more giftcode game Teenager Hero Gamota more by participating in activities, minigames being held on Fanpage, Group of the game.
– Home Teen Hero Gamota
– Facebook Teenage Hero Gamota
– Group Youth Hero Gamota
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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