Clear Facebook search data

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Clearing Facebook search data helps you avoid outside “peeps”. So how can you delete all that you have searched for when logging into facebook, the following article, Taimienphi will guide you how to delete search history on facebook

After you sign up for Facebook to socialize as well as make friends and interact more with friends. Facebook’s search tool makes it easy to find friends or relatives by email address or username…

However, after searching, the data is still saved on that tool. So how to delete search data on Facebook, please refer to our following article to know how to do it.

Clear Facebook search data

Delete Facebook search data on computer

Step 1:Log in to facebook on your computer, click on the search box. Here will display all the data that you have searched recently. Then click on the button “Edit”

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Step 2: Here you can delete your entire search history on facebook by clicking “Clear searches”. You also have the option to delete other searches in the delete button immediately to the right.

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Clear Facebook search data on phone

Step 1: Similar to the computer, you click on the search box on the phone and then click on “Edit”

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Step 2: To clear your entire search history click on “Clear searches”. To delete each data, click the delete button on the right.

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So with the above article, we have shown you how to delete search data on facebook to protect your sensitive information. Also you can refer to more ways delete search history on firefox to delete your most recent searches
Besides, on Google Chrome browser too, clear google search data will help to hide the searched information related to many problems arising in work and study

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