Latest Code Audition X

The most beautiful costumes and accessories are in Code packages Audition X is being sent free by the publisher VTC online to players who are participating in the game experience, hurry up and join the events to receive extremely valuable gifts to your in-game characters.

In this article, will summarize the broadcast events Code Audition X is taking place on the game’s official channels such as: Home page, Fanpage or Group meetings. Just follow the steps as required and you can receive gifts from these events.

audition code x

Summary of giftcode Audition X

Code Audition X

1. General Code Audition X


2. Events to receive Audition code X

Event: Accept Giftcode

+ Gift: Code Audition X, including items:

150 Energy
100,000 DEN
10 Sweeping Tickets
20 Luxury Jewel Box

Link to the event: HERE

Event: Selfie with AU X

+ Gift: Giftcode Audition X

Link to the event: HERE

Event: Golden Couple In AUX Village

+ Gift: Audition X game code, including items:

– 1000 Ruby, 300,000 DEN, eternal duo suit for the first prize winner
– 500 Ruby, 200,000 DEN, 30-day duo suit for the second prize player
– 300 Ruby, 100,000 DEN, 7-day duo suit for third place player
– 200,000 DEN, 10 sweep tickets, 150 energy, 7-day handheld accessories for all players participating in the event.

Link to the event: HERE

audition code x

Event: Get Full Set Welcome IOS

+ Gift: Players will own a full set of in-game items, especially not sold in the shop.

Link to the event: HERE

3. Instructions for entering the Audition X . code

Step 1: In the main interface of Audition X game, you choose Red arrow icon.

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audition code x

Step 2: The options panel appears, click on the function Setting.

enter the code for the audition game x

Step 3: Next, you select the item Enter Giftcode.

how to enter giftcode audition x

Step 4: Proceed to enter the existing Audition X codes in the empty box -> Click Agree to exchange gifts.

how to enter audition code x

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Download Audition X game latest version for Android, iPhone by following link:

=> Link Download Audition X for Android

=> Link Download Audition X for iOS

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