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Deadpool has invited famous characters to make cameos in part 2?

(Warning article with movie content spoiler!)

1. X-men

In part 1, Deadpool once visited the academy, but the inside was completely empty. Going to part 2, because he was so sad after the death of his lover, Colossus brought him back to this place again. Seeing the academy, except for the steel man Colossus and the mutant girl Negasonic Teenage Warhead, there was no one else. So the loud-mouthed man began to criticize Fox for being stingy, because after 2 seasons, he still couldn’t invite any more famous mutants. At this point, the audience will see the door of the room behind him is opened, inside is a collection of all X-Men with “cheek numbers” such as: Professor X, Quicksilver, Beast, Cyclops… However, perhaps because they were so tired of Deadpool’s mouth, they quickly closed the door before he could turn around.


2. Brad Pitt

Because to deal with mutants from the future – Cable, Deadpool and his friend Weasel posted “recruiting” to find bright faces to form the X-Force fighting group. However, as soon as they entered the battle, the members of the X-Force group were in a die, except for the girl with the “lucky” ability – Domino. One member of the team has the ability to stealth is Vanisher, because of this ability, no one can see him during the selection process, not even Deadpool. However, when he parachuted down, he got entangled in an electric wire and was electrocuted to death. At this time, the new Vanisher “showed its original form” and the audience was surprised to realize that the famous Hollywood actor – Brad Pitt was the one who played Vanisher.


Interestingly, Brad Pitt also revealed the amount of salary he received when he made a cameo in Deadpool 2 is…a cup of coffee offered by Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool). He joined the film only because the actor’s children are fans of the most muddled mercenary in the universe.

3. Matt Damon

This is an almost completely unrecognizable cameo in Matt Damon’s Deadpool 2. The actor is known for his image of a famous action star through films such as: Jason Bourne, The Departed, The Martian… For fans MCU, he gave a humorous impression when he played the role of “fake Loki” in Thor: Ragnarok. In Deadpool 2, he continued to play a cameo role, but dressed so much that the audience could not recognize it.


After Cable landed through time, he encountered two drunks sitting and talking. The fat, beer-belly alcoholic character named Dickie Greenleaf is Matt Damon. This is also an “easter egg” for the audience, because Dickie Greenleaf is the name of the character in the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) starring Matt Damon. The character is played by actor Jude Law – and Matt Damon’s character impersonates Dickie Greenleaf throughout the later part of the film.


4. Ryan Reynolds

Surely many fans of superhero movies know this Green Lantern (2011) is considered a failure and is also a “stain” in the career of actor Ryan Reynolds (playing Deadpool). So when Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio managed to fix Cable’s time travel machine, Deadpool immediately used it to “clean up the timeline”. He thought of the best way to prevent the Green Lantern disaster, which is to shoot and kill Ryan Reynolds while he was reading the script for this movie.


Moreover, there is one thing that few people know, Ryan Reynolds was made two cameos in Deadpool 2. The character named for Colossus “eats onions” – Juggernaut is also voiced by the actor himself and also with expressions.

5. Wolverine

In addition to Green Lantern, participation in the project X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) is also a stain that Deadpool (Ryan Renolds) wants to erase. In this movie, both the design and style of Deadpool in this movie make the audience disgusted. So when he had the opportunity to repair the timeline, of course, the first thing he did was return to the time when Wolverine faced Deadpool. When Wolverine could not do anything, he quickly shot and returned to the head of this shameful version of Deadpool. Not only that, seeing Logan in extremely handsome form on the screen is also what makes the audience feel extremely excited.


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