Last Fire Survival: Battleground – When PUBG Mobile in Alien Shooter style

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The mobile platform is truly reeling with the storm Battle Royale with which are the Rules of Survival, Knives Out, Free Fire or yourself PUBG Mobile being cherished by Tencent. There, gamers can see the same gameplay formula.. including a third-person perspective, a large map, support for multiplayer in parallel with a rich and diverse gun system. Almost every game is similar to any other game with only a few differences in graphics, sometimes making it difficult for us to distinguish from where.


However, now gamers will witness a completely new image with the familiar PUBG Mobile formula, a Battle Royale game from a very special perspective of… Alien Shooter. Yes, you didn’t get it wrong, with Last Fire Survival: Battleground – The game has just launched on Mobile, gamers will control the character from an overhead perspective like a real version of Alien Shooter.


You must be asking, how does a game with a secondary perspective apply the formula of PUBG Mobile? In fact Last Fire Survival: Battleground proved extremely creative in the harmony between the two styles, bringing a new and unique experience to Mobile. Accordingly, gamers will still be able to jump down a large map, glean weapons and equipment on the journey to becoming the last survivor. However, now the game’s shooting mechanism takes place entirely in a horizontal plane, allowing the player to move the gun completely in 360 degrees. This allows gamers to cover the back, eliminating quite a lot of behind-the-scenes situations.


Last Fire Survival: Battleground’s aiming mechanism is also quite unique. Adding a Scope will allow the map around the driver within a certain radius to zoom up significantly, directly addressing the aiming mechanism in Battle Royale games. Another good thing is that hiding in the bushes will now become harder to see, making you really have to be on the lookout in difficult terrain.


If you want to find a new wind with the Battle Royale genre, this is probably the only option for you. To enjoy Last Fire Survival: Battlegroundreaders can download games for free directly here:

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