Wedding photos and games of the VLTK Mobile couple, when they are angry with each other, they go to the PK

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They are all gamers of Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile, especially having a familiarity and love from this place, so perhaps that’s why the couple Ngoc Linh and Thai Dragon came up with the idea of ​​​​taking a wedding photo shoot with the moments together playing the game as to celebrate and prove their sweet, romantic love story.

Thai Dragon and Ngoc Linh, the couple from s60 + s61 Quan Long + Brother De. Although one is in Hai Duong and the other is in Hue, the young couple have overcome many obstacles of a virtual love through the game and a long distance to officially return to the same house. A beautiful and satisfying ending that makes anyone who looks at it secretly admire.​

Surely every couple has their own way of loving, and for couples who are gamers, they have countless other special things to show in love. With Linh and Thai too, the love story is sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but every time they are angry, the young couple chooses to solve it by “carrying acc” to the PK radio. And of course the husband always loses. That’s like the way he shows his love, tolerance and tolerance for his wife.​


Thai Dragon guy doesn’t hide his happiness when he’s right VLTK Mobile that he found true happiness in his life. Is it a clever arrangement of fate?

“Thank you VNG for letting me and my wife meet. One in Hai Duong, one in Hue. Happy yes, sad yes, when angry, the couple takes the acc to the PK radio station, then the anger is gone. But the bad thing is that we all lose. It’s been almost a month since I got married in the game, and now I’m officially declaring that I’m in handcuffs. But the pain is that this handcuffs, my wife locked it, my wife sold the key to Thai Nguyen iron and then it hurt.”. The funny guy shared.

Witnessing the happy ending for a beautiful love of the couple, the members of VLTK Mobile couldn’t help but secretly admire and send their blessings to the young couple. Take a look at the couple’s beautiful wedding photos below!

Hopefully, there will be more events like this in the near future so that the online game will be more and more worthy of the “cool matchmaker” title, not the stereotypes about virtual love affairs through the game!

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