Before white valentines on March 14, who are the gamers who are popular with women?

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Gamers live responsibly
For example, the guy below, playing the game but also creating a timetable for you when you go to fight the boss of a martial arts master so that later on, no one will lose the reward. A seemingly very small thing but with a great sense of responsibility, then try to ask when in love, how thoughtful this guy will be, not to mention avoiding the product of love is even more unbelievable.

“I really respect you, just have fun, but if you do it carefully and responsibly, no one will complain anymore” – a gamer commented.

It is known that this is the Boss Master Vo Lam in the most interesting swordplay client game released in the past year – Unparalleled Pride 2, and is also an extremely important activity for the states. Boss Master Vo Lam has the ability to clone, the “buffalo” level is not debatable. Destroying the real subject of the Boss, participants in the battle will have the opportunity to receive rare weapons, martial spirits, spirit stones, … are all extremely important items to increase their own power. So every day at exactly 10 pm, the brothers of the states invite each other to hunt the boss, extremely bustling.


Gamers know how to care and share
Guys who play games often don’t keep the joy to themselves, but always take the time to share. Even the secret to practicing Medals in Arrogant Sword Unparalleled 2 is also discussed with you. This is a much sought-after item in the game, because it can be unlocked and freely traded, helping you earn a decent income. The person who knows how to squeeze the Medal and promote the appropriate attributes, will further increase the transaction value of the Medal.


However, boys with this virtue often have many satellites. So, if you have caught a guy in the cage, the girls will be severely restrained, you should negotiate with your girlfriend to have plenty of time to play the game.


Strong and Mindful Gamer
It must be known that, to achieve 100,000 health is an extremely large number in online games. Therefore, although it was released at the end of 2017, but so far, Ngoo Kiem Wu Song 2 has only welcomed 2 players who have reached this realm. And for girls with personality, this is their ideal type.


To reach the above number, to become a mobile boss in the game by themselves, players need to have ingenuity in pressing items, choosing blood-supporting attributes, and especially having to drag the beautiful women. Nga My buffs behind. Most of the gamers who have the ability to control such numbers are strong, rational people that every girl admires.

Gamers, no matter how human, are always people who live to the fullest, for their own self-esteem, and also for the common good of the collective. Therefore, they are always unsung heroes. In the near future, gamers will continue to prove their heroic bravery at the offline meeting of North – Central – South of Ngao Kiem Vo Song 2, fighting with brothers to win valuable rewards.


Participants do not need to worry too much about the difference in character strength, each participant can use the NPH’s acc to ensure fairness. And most likely this is your chance to show yourself to the girls present in this cross-domain offline session. Take advantage of the opportunity and register to participate today.
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