Lao Gia Loc Coc – Funny trial game officially launched at 10:00 today, September 17

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Role-playing – battle is always a topic that the gaming community is excited about and Old Gia Loc Coc is also one of them. The game makes gamers excited because of its attractive content and beautiful character creation, in the game, the player is transformed into a father and mother, punishing the strong and evil, helping the people settle down and live happily. .​

Old Gia Loc Coc – Judgment Game Humor officially released at 10:00 today, September 17

In addition to “working” on the road, gamers also have many other duties such as recruiting soldiers forever, fostering customers, trading goods … The guest plays the role of a “general”, leading a team of elite soldiers. go on duty. In addition to the level, the guest also has 3 main indicators: Chinh Luc, Mi Luc and Martial. The higher the total attribute index, the greater the player’s power.


Not stopping there, in addition to promoting the court, helping people, players also need to spend time taking care of their family, especially paying proper attention to the wife. Raising children is also a big responsibility that players cannot neglect.


And there are countless other attractive features waiting for the gaming community to personally explore and experience with Lao Gia Loc Coc. Besides, for the Lao Gia to have a “smooth” start, the Board of Directors would like to give the Lao Gia valuable giftcode on the day of the launch.

Besides, the fanpage event to receive free Lao Gia Loc Coc t-shirt is still going on. Elders, please quickly attend at:

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