Top 5 notable changes in Free Fire OB33 Rise up

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Garena has just brought the Free Fire OB33 beta to Advance Server for test players. Accordingly, Free Fire OB33 Rises brings with it some notable new changes such as pets, weapons, characters, …

Before let’s take a look at the Top notable changes in Free Fire should note, new features, changes in the server Advanced Server is not “final” yet and there may be other changes implemented by the developer.

5 change the current status in free fire 0b33

What notable changes does Free Fire OB33 have?

Top 5 notable changes in Free Fire OB33 Rise up

1. New pet

Pets are an important part of Free Fire, so in the latest game updates, Garena’s creator regularly adds new pets with skills that help players and Free Fire OB33 is no exception. .

Specifically in the OB33 Advanced Server update, players discovered the appearance of a new pet named Zasil, which comes with the Extra Luck skill. When Zasil is used, the player will have a 25% chance. Get items like inhaler, medkit or repair kit.

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Free Fire OB33

2. New Weapon

The list of weapons in Free Fire is expanded over time, specifically in game updates. With OB33, Garena has updated with 2 new weapons: G36 and F2000.

In which G36 comes with 2 different shooting modes / options and is quite flexible. On the other hand, the F2000 is a fairly balanced and stable weapon.

Besides, you should also refer to the ways to combine the Free Fire OB33 skill combo in Battle Royale mode to achieve the best strength to help each other climb to the top 1 position..

Reference: Combo skill Free Fire OB33 BR

3. Link system (link system)

The affiliate system attracted the attention of many players in the Free Fire community. Players can get permanent characters completely free by completing the development of the specific character they want to get in the game. In addition, players will have the option to link and unlink one character per hour.

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4. Zombie Invasion Mode

In addition, another notable change in Free Fire OB33 is the Zombie Invasion mode. At the start of each match, players will be notified to choose a perk based on their preferences.

Accordingly, players will have to fight both zombies and other opponents during the match, promising to be highly entertaining.

5. Mysterious character

Most of the Free Fire Advance Server servers have mysterious characters appearing, allowing gamers to “test” the upcoming character and its skills.

Swordsman’s Wrath is a mysterious character appearing in Free Fire OB33 Advance Server.
Above, has just reviewed for you the Top 5 notable changes in Free Fire OB33. Did you test Free Fire OB33 on Advance Server? let’s Register to play Free Fire OB33 Advance Server right.

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