“Down” now Hide and Shriek – PvP horror game smashes the player’s chest

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Talk about horror game is that we are talking about offline games that push players into a dark solitary path, where the main character has to fight alone against evil forces far beyond human imagination.. The darkness, the hopelessness of a weak body, monstrous creatures feeding a mad bloodlust, is what a horror game brings.


But what do you think when you know that horror games no longer have an offline mode.. but instead let gamers face each other directly and make the opponent panic to the point of chest pain? The answer is Hide and Shriek – The horror game has been released for a long time, but it seems to be making a strong comeback this Halloween.


An interesting thing is that Hide and Shriek is completely free on PC so you can download the game and enjoy the gameplay that is both weird and scary right now. Below is the game configuration for readers to refer to before starting download Hide and Shriek.


Hide and Shriek’s gameplay is special in that the game is deeply rooted in the school setting on Halloween night, where magic students organize a game that exists since time immemorial. There, players with stealth and different skills will have to face other students, making them fall into traps and face the craziest fear of their lives. Of course they can do the same for you, turning Hide and Shriek into an extremely balanced game with extreme tension.


The image of the door in front of you suddenly opening or the table and chairs being pushed as if someone is walking around the room will make you both feel scared .. and feel the urge to follow the other person and do it. his monstrous pranks. It’s been a long time, now is the time for readers to enjoy the unique horror game by downloading Hide and Shriek Free live here:

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