Disintergration – The ultimate shooter of the legendary father of Halo reveals the top trailer

Disintergration Game ban sung dinh cao cua cha de huyen thoai Halo lo Trailer hang dinhyu8g6 - Emergenceingame

A trailer for Disintegrationnew game from the studio V1 Interactivewhich was just shown at the opening night Gamescom 2019. The game is the product of a studio founded by former development members Halo. Disintegration will feature both single-player and multiplayer combat, in which players play the role of a professional pilot in a post-apocalyptic world on a mission to revive humanity.

The trailer begins with an introduction to the game’s protagonist, Romer Shoal, the pilot of a flying vehicle known as Gravcycle and also the leader of the resistance group “Integrated”. In-game integration is a process of preserving human brains in cyborg bodies – and Shoal’s team is trying to retain their former human emotions.

In the trailer, Shoal mentioned the plot of the game, revolving around the battle against the Rayonne forces – who are preparing to destroy the “human part” of survivors and the quest to restore humanity: “We are at war: fight them in any way possible, for what, for what is left of humanity.

It can be seen that the game will have a first-person perspective, although unlike Halo, the game will send players into the air, not fighting on the ground like common FPS games. Shoal hovers around and blows up enemy bases on the ground with his Gravcycle, using his vehicle-mounted turret gun to take down enemies. Players also have the opportunity to command an infantry crew using unique abilities to win battles, with the help of weapons and gear earned by the player, of course.


You can watch the trailer above if you want to test it for yourself.​

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