Phasmophobia considers extending the official launch time

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Phasmophobia It is a game that stormed the genre horror game. Although Halloween has passed, the game is still very interested. Currently, the game development team is thinking about extending the Early Access period to prepare more content to be able to release the most complete version possible.


Reply to IGN, Dknighter – Game developer of Kinetic Games said:

According to the Steam page, Dknighter has not revealed specific upcoming plans, but now the game is ready to add a lot of new content. For example, adding many new maps, ghosts, demons, equipment, … and more content from the recommendations of the players. According to the original plan, the game will launch the official version in 2021.


Dknighter said their current goal is to focus on fixing bugs for Early Access, then developing content and releasing big updates. All information related to the game Phasmophobia will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.​

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