Faith of Danschant – Chinese role-playing blockbuster officially opens on Steam

Surely many players have not forgotten, recently Emergenceingame.Com has introduced a role-playing game Faith of Danschant, is mentioned as a very beautiful 3D role-playing console game. The game is developed with graphics based on Unreal Engine 4, according to the developer, they have applied leading technology from Gaint China when using UE4 and many high technologies such as MoCap and Facial MoCap.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

The game is a breakthrough of the role-playing martial arts genre, because participating in the game you feel like experiencing a movie created by yourself. It’s still a familiar scene-playing game and task, but with a third-person perspective like survival games, everything is very natural.


The game includes 6 characters for you to choose from, including: Phi Tinh, Vong Thu, Lam Tuong, Van Khuyen and Hoa Thien, thanks to advanced graphics, players will have to admire the beauty of each character. The game is no longer molded into the rigid role-playing genre, because here you can enjoy entering a dance arena, when the blows are transformed into dances.



Now the fans don’t have to wait long, but the game has officially opened and sold for $ 29.99, to say that this price is high for a Chinese game is a mistake, because what that the game brings is far beyond the role-playing game you still play on mobile every day, when from the graphics to the gameplay, the game is meticulously elaborated to be worth the money you spend. If you like, you can buy the game by following the link below.​

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