10 things to know if you want to buy a good gaming laptop

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Gaming on the desktop is of course the best choice of a PC gamer, but luckily when we have to go away for work, the Laptop has to replace the role of a virtual entertainment tool. Of course, with many influencing factors such as size, screen, configuration, weight, the way you feel the game on a laptop is also much different from a desktop computer. Therefore, based on the needs of readers in purchasing one Gaming laptopEmergenceingame.Com would like to have a few notes below that will help you evaluate the right “steal” for you.



When looking at the screen aspect of gaming laptops, people often misunderstand that 14-inch types often go with compact but weak-configured laptops, while 17-18-inch screens have high performance. compensate for the cumbersome. However, now, many laptop manufacturers have released 17-inch models with moderate size and reasonable thickness, providing a relative gaming experience without compromising on convenience when carrying. People.


However, beyond the framework of the external appearance, the important factor inside of a laptop screen is the resolution. In fact, the current recommended resolution when you choose to buy is 1080p, regardless of whether the market already has a model that supports 4K. The reason for this is simply because the laptop’s configuration power has not yet kept up with 4K, so if used for gaming, it still greatly affects the frame rate. Moreover, the model using 4K screen will be more expensive than 1080p, so when choosing the latter we both save money and have stable performance.


Honestly, if you buy a laptop to play games… please forget this item urgently. Once used for gaming, what you need is a gaming mouse that directly supports action or role-playing games. It’s crazy to use the Trackpad to control the center of the gun in the game FPS.


Unlike the Trackpad, the keyboard for a gaming laptop is very important. No one wants a sluggish keyboard with high latency to bring into the game. Therefore, when buying, you can directly test the sensitivity of the keyboard at the store, thereby giving the best feeling when playing. In fact, firms like MSI nice Razer There are gaming laptops with mechanical keyboards, but this is completely unnecessary. Even if you are a fan of mechanical keyboards, you can buy them separately and connect them to your laptop. That way you can still use this keyboard for desktops or other laptops.

You should also pay attention to whether your laptop has LED lights on the keyboard because if so, they will help a lot when playing games in a dark room. However, choosing a color-adjustable RGB is not necessary because many times it will cause confusion when playing.



Like the Trackpad, the laptop’s connection ports are now available in sufficient numbers and standard headers. So you probably don’t have to worry about this.


It’s also another thing that you can forget right away to ease the burden in your head. If you’ve played the game, you’ll need a separate set of speakers or a real headset. No one plays games with laptop speakers.


Just like when playing games, there are two segments that you need to shape in your mind, one side is lightweight popular games like League of Legends, Dota 2 or CS: GO, and the other is graphic games. as terrible as Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 or Mass Effect: Andromeda. Choosing a laptop is also based on this simply because the hardware is terrible, the performance is beefy, the battery must be big and the machine has since become more cumbersome. While mid-range laptops, even non-gaming lines, there are still a few representatives who can easily play the above popular games.



For gaming laptops, experts recommend models equipped with 4-core Intel CPUs while any higher-end models are not needed. In fact, with gaming hardware in general, too, a 4-core CPU at the moment is more than enough for gaming.



For this part, readers can refer to a previous article Emergenceingame.Com made about how much RAM to use for game consoles:​

Graphics card

When it comes to laptop GPUs, Nvidia almost completely dominates in this area. Based on the 1080p display Emergenceingame.Com recommended above, your best bet is the GTX 1050 Ti. With this graphics card you can play 90% of the current games at high configuration and more. However, if you are a perfectionist, the GTX 1060 is also not a bad choice, allowing the highest possible graphics settings. In addition, you should also pay attention to the graphics card memory with 4GB is the recommended level.​



SSD is the first choice for gaming laptops at the present time. Although it does not directly improve the frame rate, with an SSD, gamers can load games faster and enter the game on time. For example, Rainbow Six: Siege the image of me still loading while the whole room has to wait is really embarrassing. That’s why you can say goodbye to laptops that use HDD and switch to new models with SDD only.


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