The Force of War – Cuu Duong VNG’s daily activities cannot be missed

If you don’t know, then Cuu Duong VNG is the game title sword hero latest from NPH VNG. The game received high praise from the community as well as experts, with bold gameplay, beautiful graphics, and a new style and breakthrough compared to other games of the same genre. As a strategic product, all the most outstanding features of Cuu Duong VNG from the plot, the Boss fighting supplement or strengthening, training are fully integrated for players to have the best experience. The best, most engaging experience.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

Cuu Duong VNG is built on the context of what will happen after the masterpiece Thien Do Long Ky by Kim Dung finish. After Zhou Yuanzhang ascended the throne, the owner of the series Cuu Duong Than Cong to be Zhang Wuji decided to go abroad with his soulmate Trieu Man. The canon Cuu Duong has also since strayed into the gypsy scene, accidentally causing the martial arts to split into two forces, determined to fight to the death to compete for the canon. These two forces are Trung Nguyen and Western Regionone side represents the legitimacy of the emperor, the other side favors the freedom of martial artists.


In the game, the conflict between these two forces is depicted clearly and in detail with the operation War Powers – skirmishes to gain control of 5 Trung Lap maps as well as own 5 pieces of Long Ngam Ky. Legend has it that anyone who owns all 5 pieces of Long Yin Ky will also get the key to learn the peerless canon: Cuu Duong Than Cong.


The World War is a daily activity, and the daily victory and defeat of the two forces have a direct influence on the strength, fortune as well as the maturity of the players of each faction. Accordingly, each piece of Long Yin Ky captured will provide players in the whole power with extremely useful buffs and last until the next day.


If you win the whole day, all players on the faction also receive the Orange Fortune Card, an extremely rare and extremely beneficial item. In addition, the top 5 guilds in the winning faction also receive other extremely valuable rewards. This is also the main reason for players of the two factions Trung Nguyen and Tay Vuc to rush into each other to “kill” without mercy.


Every day, World War II will open twice, once in the afternoon (13:00-13:30), and once in the evening (19:00-19:30). In general, this is a good time when most players are free and have time to participate in the most important activity of the day. Obviously, once you have chosen and loved Cuu Duong VNG, then the World War is absolutely an activity that no player should ignore, because it is the best opportunity to devote to their faction. as well as honoring the world.


To experience the fierce and attractive battles of the World War II, readers can access the following address:

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