People “rushed” to experience Alpha Test super product Than Long Cuu Sword

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At 10:00 am yesterday, December 3, 2020, Than Long Cuu Sword – a super product that converges all the quintessence of the legendary MMORPG series, officially entered the Alpha Test phase. Although it is inevitable that small errors appear when the number of players pouring in exceeds expectations, the game still gradually proves the irresistible attraction of the “blockbuster role-playing” in late 2020.

Looking around the map, everywhere is filled with players who are massively doing quests, hunting monsters, looking for Bosses or simply… taking advantage of the beauty of this magical world.

The number of gamers participating in the AT experience increases exponentially

A rather special detail when experiencing Shen Long Cuu Sword is that very early on, players were able to participate in many fierce battles. Thanks to the somewhat thrilling pace from the first minutes, the early experience of Than Long Cuu Sword created sympathy with many players. In particular, if you pay close attention, the division of the Country: Tong – Lieu – Kim will create many very fierce competitive phases.

During the Alpha Test phase, the Board of Directors of Than Long Cuu Kiem will soon fix the outstanding errors to prepare for the smoothest upcoming Open Beta. With positive effects from the community, believe that this will be the place where a series of role-playing game players can flock in the near future.

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