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The Batman Who Laughs – Batman Joker version and 7 cannibal Robin

Series of stories Dark Nights: Metal is starting its first chapters.. where a dark force of DC’s greatest forays from the Dark Multiverse dimension to invade our world. This force is not simply a few individuals with powerful powers that are Justice League defeated throughout history… but it is a series of dark conspiracies that started hundreds of years ago… before even that Batman was not born and the Justice League still did not exist.

The beginning of that conspiracy is the Batman versions spawned by the Dark Knight’s worst nightmares. Nightmares transform in the Dark Multiverse and are summoned by an evil god, a demon more powerful than any other in the DC world. They originate from the very darkest turns that Batman could almost choose for himself.


What if Alfred died and Batman forced Cyborg to upload the butler’s mind to Bat Computer? The action that seemed just to maintain the image of a father in Batman’s heart suddenly turned Alfred into a murderous super machine, which brutally killed all the evil people in the world just to protect his “son”. me. When the heroes try to stop it, it also kills without mercy. The machine that carries Alfred’s soul eventually corrupts Batman himself and turns him into a tool that purifies all life.

And what if the Joker hides a special gas that is stored inside the heart? What happens when he dies it will release and turn his killer into the second Joker? Is that why Joker always wants Batman to kill him? Gradually, every turn like that, every nightmare in Batman’s head like that… becomes a sick version of the Dark Multiverse, creating a Justice League that is brought together by weird Batman like never before. this.

But it all just came to fruition when the Justice League followed Batman to investigate a mysterious energy-emitting mountain in the heart of Gotham City. They headed here without knowing the monstrous versions of humans. My friend has been waiting for me and this mountain is the gateway connecting the Dark Multiverse to our universe. Just as people feared… it wasn’t long before the Justice League disappeared completely.


Few people know what makes the Justice League suddenly silent is the silhouettes coming out of the gate… 7 people, 7 people seem to have the twisted shape of the Justice League. However, they do not know that the 7 silhouettes are not based on themselves.. but only based on one person: Bruce Wayne. They are the nightmares realized in the Dark Multiverse from the Batman we know. But there is still another figure… an 8th figure standing behind it all, the one Batman himself has known for a long time.. Yes, that’s the demon lord. Barbatos – the influence that affects the entire Wayne family, who according to Batman influenced the death of his parents and indirectly put him in a black cloak. What Barbatos wants is Batman – the “medium” that allows him to escape the Dark Multiverse and enter this world.

However, the first step in that dark conspiracy did not require Barbatos… but instead The Batman Who Laughs, who is holding the chain of 7 Robin’s neck, is the conductor for the prelude. The first action he did was to free his 7 “dogs”, so that they could devour the flesh of the mortals who had summoned him here.


Afterward Batman Joker version This day visited Arkham Asylum, where the five great villains were being held at the hands of the Dark Knight. But instead of freeing the 7 Robins with a frenzied hunger like before, he gave the imprisoned villains the mysterious Joker cards. Each of those cards, with the heads of Justice League members on their stakes, have the power to change reality thanks to a special metal from the Multiverse. Immediately the whole of Gotham became a ghost road with monstrous and sick things far beyond human imagination.

Reacting to the situation and investigating the whereabouts of the Justice League, the Teen Titan led by Damian Wayne headed towards the mountain. Teaming up with allies including members of the Suicide Squad, they officially form Gotham’s first resistance force. But can these young men and women and their patchwork of resistance confront the mad force? Maybe only a month after the new part of Dark Nights: Metal comes out, they will know.. simply because Damian Wayne himself will also have to see a sick version of himself.


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