It hasn’t been long since Far Cry 5 has PUBG standard Map

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Far Cry 5 is roaming the gaming world and holds the title as one of the titles FPS the most successful of Ubisoft over the years. That success is thanks to a large world, fiery gameplay and above all, the light and beautiful graphics of Far Cry 5. However, other factors also promise to push the heat of Far Cry 5 up. even higher… Yes that’s the Arcade mode.


What is Arcade? Arcade is in fact a free mode that allows gamers to create maps and experience fan-made levels. That’s why when Far Cry 5 launched Arcade became a hot spot for the gaming community to express their imagination.. And one of the topics they focused on was that PUBG.


Yes, right now Far Cry 5 has PUBG-standard Battle Royale Maps, bringing gamers into survival battles on an abandoned island. Searching in the Arcade section of the game you can find a ton of different Battle Royale Maps with unique map textures and geographic locations that represent the author’s own style. It is this that will create a series of different Maps that are not similar to any other Map, allowing gamers to never get bored.


One of the most famous maps of Far Cry 5 today is Island Battleground V2 with a complex structure and a narrower area than its peers. This puts gamers in extremely tense and thrilling gunfights, creating intense combat in the Arcade part of the game.

If you already have it in hand Far Cry 5 So what are you waiting for without jumping right into the Arcade section and downloading one of those PUBG-style Maps for free from now on? Emergenceingame.Com will continuously update information about Far Cry 5 for readers as soon as possible.

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