CF2L season 2 2018: Gunners everywhere are eager to form teams and register to participate

CF2L season 2 2018 is the opening domestic tournament for the e-sports tournament system CrossFire Legends organized by NPH VNG in the last 6 months of 2018. This is the only way that the gunners CFL need to pass in order to find the opportunity to compete professionally.

Registration is open from June 30 to July 29. CF2L Season 2 2018 will officially start in August 2018 with online format, BO1 qualifying format and BO3 final. Currently, more than 60 teams from all over the country have registered to participate. What are you waiting for, the shooter who is passionate about e-sports shooting has not formed a team and registered to participate in the competition right away. here.
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CF2L is an open online tournament that NPH VNG invests in and organizes every 2 seasons. The tournament always attracts rookie teams from all over the country to participate with extremely attractive prizes of 34 million dong in cash and many ingame items worth hundreds of millions. In addition to attractive prizes, CF2L also gives teams that successfully compete in this tournament the opportunity to compete in the Pro League semi-professional tournament (the tournament provides an opportunity for game teams to take slots to the professional tournament). Star League career and the chance to play in The Legends playoffs).

Don’t miss CF2L season 2 2018, the best surprises are waiting for you! Sign up to play now here.

Learn more about Crossfire Legends here:​

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