Shadow of War removed the surcharge mechanism from the game 6 months after launch

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Middle Earth: Shadow of War was once one of the most anticipated games of 2017. The game’s predecessor, Shadow of Mordor, once made a big splash in the community when it brought players a world. The Lord of The Ring’s magical world. Shadow of War is not unable to do this, but it is clear that compared to the new wind that its predecessor brings, the game is just a continuation of the old advantages, but there is no expensive breakthrough. . Besides, Shadow of War’s microtransaction mechanism is also one of the weaknesses condemned, making the game unable to compete with other bright works of 2017.


6 months after the release date, it seems that publisher Warner Bros. has finally received the negative effects of this mechanism on the game. In an official announcement yesterday, the company announced it would remove this mechanism in an upcoming update:

“The key promise of the Nemesis system is the ability to build relationships between your alliance and your opponent in a massive open world. While allowing the purchase of Orcs on the Market would give players more immediate options, we also realized that this would adversely affect the heart of the game – the system. Nemesis system. It makes players can miss out on some interesting things in the character building process because everything can be bought immediately. In order to restore the full value of the Nemesis system, we are permanently removing Gold and War Chests from the game’s Market. This means that players will no longer be able to buy Gold with real money and then use it to earn Orc Followers from the War Chest (which opens randomly). Players will have time to spend all available Gold. When the time limit expires, the amount of Gold remaining in the player’s account will be converted to the equivalent amount of in-game items.”


The deadline to spend all the Gold that Shadow of War offers is July 17. At that time, the game’s Market will be removed in a special update. Note, although the War Chest will be removed, the Loot Chest will still exist. Of course, players will not be able to buy them with real money anymore.


In addition to wiping out this microtransaction system, Shadow of War is also facing a major change in the future:

“For those who have started Shadow of War, the game will be restarted after the update. For those who have already completed the game, it will still be counted as completed. For those who have never played the game, the new version of Shadow of War will be available immediately.”


The new update will obviously bring Shadow of War the big changes that (perhaps) players have been waiting for a long time. According to reliable sources, the game will even allow players to recruit legendary Orcs when they meet the requirements. True fans of the series are obviously excited about these changes. The expected time of the update will be July this year.

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