Is Goku a good husband and father?

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Dragon Ball Super is about to reach the end of the road, and fans of 7 Dragon Balls around the world are excited to witness the earth-shattering battles of Goku with antagonists. All to save Universe 7 from being wiped out by Zeno’s hand. All in all, there is no doubt that Goku is definitely a hero in the eyes of many people, from the creature of the entire universe to his loved ones. However, as an outsider, we can look at Goku’s family and realize that he is not a good husband or father.


The evidence, perhaps, cannot be enumerated. First, Goku has never had a stable job, and only focuses on training to become stronger. It was his wife, Chi Chi, who repeatedly had to shout to Goku that “go find a job”. It may be a funny episode for the audience and readers, but at the same time, it also partly tells about his family life.

Does Goku love Chi Chi? Probably not, when it was Chi Chi who forced the “baby monkey” to marry her. After that, their married life is definitely “problematic”, as the two are often separated, and Chi Chi always has to worry about her husband when Goku continuously suffers from terrifying injuries. Many people say that Goku’s lack of attachment to his wife is due to the nature of Saiyans. But wait, look at how Vegeta treats Bulma. In Dragon Ball Super, there’s a scene where Goku invites Vegeta to “practice” with him. Vegeta refused, leaving at home to help his wife. Who dares to say that all Saiyan men are “apart from” their wives?


As a husband, Goku is no better off as a father. If you’ve seen it Dragon Ball Z, then you won’t be able to forget the final scenes, when Goku (again) skips his family just to train kids he just met. Meanwhile, does Goku ever really take the time to play with Gohan and Goten? Even Goten himself only met Goku for the first time at the age of 7. Yes, others can’t blame Goku because he sacrificed himself to save the world. But in Goten’s position, such a father is completely to blame.

Goku sacrifices to protect the world, but who gives Cell a chance to recover?

One thing worth mentioning, Goku once let Gohan fight with Cell and made him “gradually” torn. This may be the lion’s way of teaching (throwing the cub down a cliff so it can crawl up on its own), but it’s clearly gone too far when Goku even feeds Cell with magic beans just to get him into his strongest state. Must know, if no one can defeat Cell, he will destroy the whole world.


In fact, the author himself Toriyama Akira also admitted, Goku is a pure person, but not really a good person. Goku longs to be strong, and to fight strong enemies. Yes, Goku always stands up to protect the world, but he will not do everything to fulfill that mission. Sometimes, Goku is willing to stop, wait for the opponent to recover or reach the strongest state, just to have a good match, regardless of his failure, the world will also crumble. Perhaps, just like Toriyama Akira said, Goku is still a child who has not yet realized that he is an adult, passionate about fighting and forgetting everything. Obviously, such a child will never be a good husband and father.

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