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As an online first half game developed by SanDong, the game is expected to launch the next beta on February 23. Below Emergenceingame.Com will introduce readers to a few features of the game and see what this role-playing game has new.


System of summoned beasts


As a familiar online game, the summoned beast system is indispensable. In Thanh Van Quyet, players do not need to spend money to buy summoned beasts, all players from level 1 can go to find and catch summoned beasts, in the game, in addition to monster and Boss fighting copies, at other versions Else you can also go to catch the summoned beast. When players reach level 20, they can summon summoned beasts and fight together.

Making money is not difficult


In Thanh Van Quyet, fighting monsters is already possible to collect money, with that money to buy blood, enhanced equipment…. To reduce pressure on players, the developer has specially adjusted money. Gold drops when fighting monsters, just doing tasks, participating in festival activities, copies, servers can all pick up money, just need to work hard to have a lot of money.

Equipment props

Players can through missions to collect equipment corresponding to their level, when reaching a certain level can access each enhancement function. Each item of equipment has two basic enhancements: ascension and gem encrusted. Of course, if you are familiar with this genre, to strengthen you must have materials, and what you need to do is work hard to collect only.

Basic career system, no healing feature


The career system in the game has 4 basic occupations: Ba Son, Tuyet Anh, Tu Hu and Truong Hong. Following the first role-playing way, the appearance does not seem strange to gamers of this game genre, each profession has a certain strength and skill, but in all 4 occupations, there is no occupation. who has the ability to heal, which is common in other role-playing games. In addition to choosing a career and gender, you can also change the appearance of your character.

Graphics quality is not very good


Commonly seen and classic 3D graphics, designed with fanciful themes of the Orient, the map in the game is quite large for you to freely move and admire the beautiful scenery, the colors are dominated by dark tones so it is not flashy. . However, with the saturation of the role-playing game, the graphics of some other games are somewhat better, if not made more prominent, the game will most likely sink.

Thanh Van Quyet is a role-playing game that is too familiar, the game is of average quality and does not have many highlights, it is only in the trial version, so there is no team feature, the advantage of the game is the battle screen. beautiful face, smooth. To conclude about the success of the game is still quite early, players need to wait a while longer to officially experience this game.

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