The weirdest love affairs in the game village

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Love always a great topic for game makers to exploit. There are times when it is the motivation for our hero to stand up to save the world, at other times it is the cause of the corruption of the evil man who wants to destroy humanity… In general, there are very few game where love is not prompted. Here are the titles where it…is mentioned, but in different ways weird Best.

Silent Hill 2: James Sunderland and Mary Shepherd-Sunderland


It’s perfectly normal to receive a letter from your wife somewhere to have lunch somewhere. It’s not normal anymore, when your wife has been dead for 3 years. James Sunderland received a letter from his dead wife, Mary, asking to meet him at Silent Hill. Since then, one of the greatest horror titles of all time begins, in a horrifying echo of the tragic love of the Sunderland family. Nothing can stop James from heading to the Lakevew Hotel, not even the terrifying monster Pyramid Head, or the bizarre and “perfect” version of his own wife. All of them prove that James is a faithful man and loves his wife. To the extent that, he was willing to help her get rid of the pain of illness with a soft pillow. When that truth is revealed, will anyone playing the game not feel shivers? Yes, James has a lot of reasons to do it, but nonetheless, “freeing” his wife with his own hands has made his love for Mary one of the weirdest and most haunting things. The best picture in the history of gaming.

Lolipop Chainsaw: Juliet Starling and Nick Carlyle


The first trailers of Lolipop Chainsaw attracted attention from the first appearance, when the main character of this Zombie hack and slash game is a cute girl in a cheerleader outfit, with the head of a lover. hanging on the side. Oddly enough, the head was still alive, could speak, and was still deeply in love with Juliet. Well, and yet, Juliet is also the one who cut off Nick’s head from his body, to prevent him from being turned into a Zombie. Logic, right?

Bionic Commando: Nathan “Rad” Spencer and Mrs. Spencer aka “A robotic arm”


Did you know, for bio-electronic devices (bionic) to be able to perfectly merge with the body, both must have an intimate connection between the body and the emotional level? Mrs. Spencer did not know this when he confirmed that he would share everything from bitter to sweet with Nathan Spencer, when he was rich or poor, when he was sick or healthy, until death did the couple (words) promised in a Western wedding ceremony). And that promise was literally fulfilled, when she transformed into Spencer’s robotic arm. Now not even death could separate them, unless someone cut that arm off Spencer. This relationship, more “romantic” than you can imagine, isn’t it?

Sonic The Hedgehog: Sonic The Hedgehog and Princess Elise


One of the most hated romantic relationships in the gaming industry that the writer does not understand why. What’s so weird, when a beautiful HUMAN princess falls in love with a blue hedgehog that can stand on two legs and run like the wind? Well, Elise also seals a demon inside her body, and if she cries it will come out and destroy the world. Nothing special! At least Elise doesn’t fall in love with a prince on a white horse, right? Don’t be jealous of Sonic anymore!

Transistor: Red and Transistor


The Transistor is a sword, and Red is a beautiful singer, is their love special enough? It sounds very strange, but anyone who has played Transistor will not feel it, when the love between the two is really strong, and is a relationship with interaction from both sides. The transistor is the voice, the guide, and the weapon for Red to fight against her attackers. And Red is simply Red, a singer strong enough to swing her sword against the dark forces that cover this world, and also to avenge her and the one she loves. Strange, but not strange. That is the love between Red and the sword called Transistor.

Final Fantasy Tactics: Delita Heiral and Ovelia Atkascha


A sad love story between Ovelia and Delita, at least on Ovelia’s side. After all the hardships, Delita proposed, married Ovelia, and became king of Ivalice. Over time, Ovelia gradually realized that she was just a pawn for Delita to rise to the top. She made an appointment with Delita, and pulled out a knife and stabbed him. Unfortunately, the wound was not fatal, and Delita was strong enough to return a similar knife wound. Delita left, wondering something about happiness. After that, he continued to rule Ivalice in peace. Obviously, this is an ending that makes players feel frustrated, and the love between Delita and Ovelia is definitely a far cry from the usual pink love in JRPGs.​

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