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Frustrated by rampant hacking, gamers always write anti-cheat software to pay off dirty playing accounts

Obviously no one likes to play with cheaters, especially in competitive games like CS:GO. The use of hacking software to climb rank while the player’s level and skills are weak not only inhibits true gamers but also seriously unbalances the game, possibly even killing a game title. game.


Talking about this problem, CS: GO is a typical example. Recalling the end of last year when this game started to be free to play, Anti-hacking system Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) banned more than 600,000 offending accounts in just one month. For Valve, this is an “important and especially valuable” battle when the company has invested more than 1,700 CPUs just to detect cheaters. However, the problem remains, new updates are always caught up by hacking software. Too tired of his favorite game being hacked rampantly, now a conscientious gamer has taken the trouble to write a piece of software. anti-cheat own to partly help developers solve this problem.


It is known that HestiaNet is an AI program made by CS: GO gamers – hackers with the mind “2Eggs”. Basically, HestiaNet works by scanning through a series of suspicious usage hack/cheat, analyze the data and draw the final conclusions using the Overwatch system. This AI program will then store the cheater’s information in a database, checking the VAC bans if there are any in the past. If that player is indeed banned, HestiaNet will note the information into its database to increase overall accuracy.

As a result, 2Eggs’ software detected 17,659 suspicious cases, of which 15,104 accounts were banned due to fraud. This gamer’s program seems to work quite well.


In fact, 2Eggs has made quite a few contributions to Valve. Last month, this gamer was awarded $11,450 (more than VND 260 million) for helping Valve detect a number of bugs and security risks in its system. 2Eggs is also responsible for developing FACEIT ban logs and Minerva ban logs for FACEIT, an independent competitive gaming platform for online PvP gamers.

Hopefully, 2Eggs’ HestiaNet will detect and eliminate more cheaters in the near future, contributing to creating a healthy playing field for all true CS:GO gamers.​

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