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Garena Plus Latest newly added features Live Help players can easily Stream the game from the computer screen to Garena to share with other players. In fact, this Garena Live feature cannot be performed on the phone, meaning that with mobile games it does not work, players can only stream games from the computer to Garena.

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However, if you remember, in the past, introduced to you how to play a lot of mobile games on your computer through emulators (such as League of Legends Mobile, Legendary Campaign, Raid…). And how to stream mobile games to Garena, basically, you stream your computer screen to a certain social network.

How to use Garena Live to stream games

Step 1: From the main interface of the computer, you start the Garena game support software on your computer, log in Garena account as usual and then left click Live icons as below.


Step 2: Another sub-window appears, click Go Live to start streaming games on your computer using Garena.

Go Live

Step 3: A new interface appears, here, you in turn:

  • Name your video clip.
  • Choose a game need to stream using Garena.
  • If the game to be stream is not in the list, you can choose another Game to stream according to the play window on the computer.

Set a title
Select the game you need to stream

Step 4: Select the picture taking mode Stream window.

Stream window

Since we are streaming the game on the emulator using Garena, in the Select game window, look for the item with the emulator’s name to confirm.

For example:

In this tutorial, the writer used Droid4X emulator should look for the item Droid4X.exe then click on Choose to continue.

Left click Camera camera icon in the middle of the screen to start the stream.


Step 5: If you open both the game window on the emulator and Garena Live at the same time, you will see two identical screens.

The game screen and stream display are the same

Step 6: You can choose some features in the lower left corner of the screen to set up streaming video games from your computer to Garena.


Step 7: When the streaming is started, in the title bar, the text Now not live (yellow) will change to Being live (green) and show more time when we started streaming. The camera icon also disappears, instead Icon Pause – Pause.

Being live
The stream time is displayed in detail

Invite friends to watch video stream games on Garena

Each Garena account will be given a certain link, you can copy this link and then share, send it to friends through messaging services (Zalo, Viber…) or email, Facebook… let them see and help you.


For example:

Send Viber to a friend or group of friends for them to see.

Submit the link
Send, share the link to watch the stream for others

To watch the video clip you just streamed, you can access that link to access an interface as below.


Of course because it’s live stream, you can only watch the video while it is still connected and the creator is still playing.

Stop Stream

To stop the game stream, just left-click Pause icon, choose next Have to agree Stop streaming. In addition to the above, if you still remember how stream the game screen from iPhone to Facebook You will find this way quite similar, only instead of using LonelyScreen and Broadcaster Software Then we use directly Droid4X emulator or any other Android emulator and stream directly via Garena’s Live.


  • There is no need to download and install many supporting software.
  • There is no need to activate Airplay on mobile devices as many are not supported.


  • On the emulator must be pre-installed the game to play.
  • May be a bit laggy and jerky, because the Android emulator consumes a lot of machine resources.
  • Not automatically saved.
  • Only viewable while the user is still playing.

Above are the detailed instructions to help computer users easily stream games to Garena with the easiest and most simple way.

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