Adorable Home: How to earn more hearts (Hearts)?

Adorable Home

In Adorable Home, Hearts or Hearts can be considered as the main currency of the game. Heart can be used to buy many different things in the game such as furniture, tools … When you first start playing the game, you will see that the amount of hearts is quite modest, so in this article will guide you on ways to earn a “super huge” heart in Adorable Home.

Adorable Home

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How to earn more hearts in Adorable home

TV and Weather

When you log into the game, you will be prompted to collect hearts. The first of which is the heart from the TV. Make sure you watch the promotional video provided so you can collect 100 hearts in one go, instead of just 20 left. You can also collect hearts from the weather report once per day just by clicking the button Menu and touch the heart shape.

Adrorable Home

Take care of your cat

Of course, the main way to get more hearts is to have more cats. You can get a new cat for a reward of 600 hearts by receiving Gift boxes for cats (Cat box). There are 12 Cat Gift Boxes in the shop and each earn you a new random cat. For each cat, you can bathe, nurture, or trim your nails every few hours. Each of these actions earns you 80 hearts with no video reward or 160 hearts with video rewards. Therefore, keeping a cat allows you to earn a steady amount of heart from day to day without restriction.

Adorable Home

Attract special guests

Another way to earn hearts is to use it Garden. After you have a garden, place objects in your garden to attract animal “visitors”. Once they appear, hearts will usually appear on their heads, so touch them and interact to get love from them.

Animal guests

Receive “love” from your girlfriend / boyfriend

A companion who lives with you will give you “heart” if you care for and love them. Make sure you make them a bento box before they go to work. And also need to give them a main course, side dish and dessert before they go to work. When they come home from work, you will receive their love (heart).

How much heart you get depends on what you give them, as well as how you care for them. For example, you will get more heart if the food is more expensive and if you combine different dishes together. The more they match you and the better the food, the more love they will give you. Just like real life is not it.

Adorable Home

So if you work hard, you will have a rich heart through these activities. Wish you have fun playing the game and see you in the next tutorials.

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