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If you want to operate quickly and achieve high results in the strategy game genre, you need to remember the game’s codes, but the codes are often difficult to remember, even some people do not know all of them.

In DotA too, there are a lot of code to support the players that you need to understand, to play the game more effectively. So invite you to refer to the article below to apply to your gameplay:

Synthesize the code in the game DotA

Common commands in DotA:

  • No Swap (syntax: -noswap, -ns): Helps disable Swap mode.
  • No Repick (syntax: -norepick, -nr): Helps disable Repick mode.
  • Pooling Mode (syntax: -poolingmode, -pm): Allows Heroes to freely share items, however there are some items that cannot be shared through this command.
  • Observer Info (syntax: -observerinfo, -oi): When this command is enabled, the match followers will be given a lot of information about the match.
  • Anti-MapHack (syntax: -ah): Turn on anti-hack map mode.
  • Mini Heroes (syntax: -miniheroes, -mi): When using this command, the Hero’s size will be half of normal.
  • Terrain Snow (syntax: -terrainsnow, -ts): The command creates a snowy effect in the DotA map, if you don’t like this effect, then type the command “-terrain” or “-terrain default” to remove the effect.
  • Test Mode (syntax: -test): Activate the Test Mode, allowing you to enter the commands of the single player DotA.
  • What The Fuck Mode (-wtf): Game modes make some Heroes too strong.

DotA gaming interface

Commands in Death Match mode:

  • No Death Timer (syntax: -nd): Dead Heroes will immediately revive without waiting as usual.
  • Maximum Lives (syntax: -lives # – where # is a number): The order specifies the maximum number of times to be defeated, the team that reaches this number first will lose.

Commands for Hero:

  • Heap Strength (syntax: -fleshstr, -fs Flesh): Show Flesh Heap’s power details Hero Pudge.
  • Hook Accuracy (syntax: -ha): Display accuracy For Meat Hook attacks, the counter only counts hits on enemies, note that this command is only used for Hero Pudge.
  • Land Mine Counter (syntax: -mines): Displays the number of Land Mines that have been set, used only for Goblin Techies.
  • Arrow Accuracy (syntax: -aa): Performing Hero Priestess of the Moon’s Elune’s Arrow skill.
  • Test Mode (-test): Activate trial mode.
  • Level Up (-lvlup the maximum number of levels is 24): Helps to increase the Hero’s level according to the number entered.
  • Refresh (-refresh): Helps restore Hero’s Skill elements including item health, mana, and cooldown.
  • Spawn Creeps (-spawncreeps): Creates a Creep wave on both Sentinel and Scourge sides as soon as the command is completed. Rest assured that it does not affect a regular Creep.
  • Spawn Runes (-powerup): Do not interfere with the normal Rune spawning process, if the Rune already exists on the map, this command has no effect.
  • Spawn Neutrals (-neutrals): Produces Creep Neutrals.
  • Suicide (-kill): Defeat your own Hero.
  • Add Gold (-gold # – where # is the amount of gold you want to add): Add gold as required.
  • Multiple Heroes (-noherolimit): Allows to select multiple Heroes at the same time.
  • Kill Creeps (-killall): Allows to destroy all Creeps on both sides.
  • Kill Sentinel Creeps (-killsent): Kill all Creeps on the Sentinel side.
  • Kill Scourge Creeps (-killscourge): Kill all Creeps on the Scouge side.
  • Set Time (-time # – where # are the corresponding numbers): Set time on the map.
  • Regrow Trees (-tree): Revive all trees that have been lowered before.
  • Play Music (-music #): Change the background music based on your existing tracks WarCraft III.
  • Show Tips (-tips): Display 5 basic tips corresponding to the Hero you have selected.
  • Show Bonus XP and Gold (-bonus): Displays the experience points, as well as the amount of gold you have earned from defeating your opponents.
  • Water Color (-water red / blue / green / random / default): Change the color of the respective water on the map.
  • Actions Per Minute (-apm): Represents the number of actions per minute.
  • AFK Info (-afk): Displays information about inactive players.
  • Kick AFK Players (-kickafk #): Comeinand “rock” players who have been inactive for too long.

Above are the relatively complete DotA codes, hoping to help you play games more effectively and quickly become a master. DotA game ok, practice it a few times and you can remember these codes only!

Wish you have fun playing the game!

Updated: May 6, 2017

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