Instructions to play Chicken Invaders 5 for beginners

Chicken Invaders 5 2 - Emergenceingame

Chicken Invaders 5: Cluck of the dark side is the latest version and also one of the most successful in the classic series of shooting game Interaction Studios. Chicken shooting game is no stranger to gamers, but because there are many changes compared to previous versions, many new players will feel confused. So let’s get acquainted with how to play chicken in Chicken Invaders 5 Please!

After downloading the Chicken Invaders 5 version and completing the installation on your device, the game screen will display as shown below. Please select the player’s name to edit your name.

Chicken Invaders 5: Cluck of the dark side
Download the latest 5 chicken shooting game and join the battle to protect the earth

Then, you click on the Options (Options) to customize elements such as Gameplay (choose to play 1 person, 2 people), graphics (Graphics), sound (Sound), network connection (Network Wizard), the display language (Language). If you want to play 4 player online mode then go to section Network Wizard to open connection and play with friends over LAN.

 Chicken Invaders 5
Chicken Invaders 5 supports 4 player mode

To adjust the controls or touch the screen (touchscreen), select Controls. In this section, you can choose the keys that you are comfortable with to control or apply the default keys.

Usually playing 1-player mode, you will use the mouse. Hover to move aircraft, left click to shoot, right mouse to launch satellites, middle mouse to launch rockets. Or use the arrow keys to move and shoot weapons with some special keys as shown below:

Chicken Invaders 5
Table customize the joystick in the game Chicken Invaders 5

The second player will press the keys W, S, A and D to fly up, down, left and right. Shift to shoot bullets also use Ctrl to launch satellites, Alt shoot missiles.

 Chicken Invaders 5:
Playing a 2-player chicken shooting game has never been easier

After you finish customizing controls, go back to the main screen and click on “Save the World“->”Customize Spaceship“to be able to decorate your ship and see the Medals and unlockable levels.

Chicken Invaders 5
More game modes for you to choose from in Chicken Invaders 5

Next, go back to the “Save the World“and choose the first part”Fly Mission“To choose one of the game modes are as follows:

  • Fly solo is a single player mode
  • Fly with a wingman is playing with another person on the same computer
  • In-house Multiplayer: Play with others over the intranet
  • Friends Multiplayer: Mode to play with many friends over the Internet
  • Internet Multiplayer: Other random multiplayer modes over the Internet

After selecting the mode, press the button “next“and click the box”Start a new mission“to start playing. If you continue playing then select”Continue Mission“.

When entering the game, you will control a modern ship and fight countless waves of chickens in space. Pay attention to collect bullets and eat gift boxes to upgrade your weapons. Chicken army will be more crowded and more evil each time, so you have to try to upgrade ammunition if you do not want to explode because they are attacked.

In Chicken Shoot 5, in addition to the rewards, the items are chicken thighs, the chicken turns out, the player must also collect golden keys to unlock new levels and conquer Medal titles.

Chicken Invaders 5
After each level you can observe the types of medals you won

It’s simple, right? So what are you waiting for without playing Chicken Invaders 5 right away and having relaxing moments. You can also refer to and download other Chicken Invaders game versions of the article that we have introduced.

Have fun playing the game and get a really high score!

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