The best PUBG Mobile loot locations

PUBG Mobile is an extremely fierce survival game, each weapon you own will determine your character’s fate. However, not all gamers know of places with lots of loot items. Therefore, today, Game Fun will suggest a few “delicious” places so that you can loot more items to equip for the long battle ahead.


The Mylta Map

The capital is a small town near the coast Mylta There are many houses for players to loot loot. Moreover, it is close to the bridge over the military island and you can easily hide at the top of the bridge waiting for the “delicious bait” to cross the bridge.


Pochinki Map

Centrally located and 2nd largest city on the map Erangel so it is easy to understand why Pochinki It has always been a hotspot for fierce clashes between gunmen. However, you can rest assured that this place has all you need such as guns, accessories, ambulances …


Map of novorepnoye

As a large harbor on the military island, Novorepnoye Owning a lot of “delicious things” for gamers to loot from the guns K98, SKS, M416, 4x 6x scope to level 3 equipment, healing, healing excess for the whole team.

Sosnovka Military Base

Map of Sosnovka

Located in the middle of the military island and next to the port Novorepnoye, military zone Sosnovka has a fairly large area. Therefore, you should prioritize loot in the 3 tallest buildings here. However, beware the camper waiting for you on both sides of the bridge.

Mylta Power

Mylta Power Map

Located on the edge of the map Erangel and next to it MyltaHere, inside a high-rise building, you can loot a lot of valuable items such as guns, healing items. Besides that, Mylta Power quite deserted because many gamers hesitate to run away.

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Goergopol map

This large port city on the left edge of the map has a large number of containers for you to loot. However, beware of snipers from high towers or from the other side of the harbor.

Thus, we have just gone through the places where gamers can loot many “good” items on the Erangel map. If you still know of other places on Erangel or another map, please comment below for everyone to know.

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