7 attractive Ninja games for brave warriors

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Wearing a mask, carrying with you darts, climbing walls, acrobatics over the roofs, do you want to experience Ninja’s life? To satisfy that desire, you can play Ninja games where you move stealthily and master powerful talents to defeat the enemy.

The following article will introduce you to 7 fun and extremely attractive Ninja games, although the game concept may be unusual and the characters are quite quirky, but will make you play again and again.

1. Clumsy Ninja

If you believe your Ninja actions can overcome shame, then put all your skills into the Clumsy Ninja. This game challenges you to train a super goofy and clumsy Ninja guy, tasked with finding his missing friend. You will complete a series of missions, move to new locations and unlock super Ninja actions.

Clumsy Ninja

Clumsy Ninja has more than 70 items that your Ninja can interact with such as magic potions, round bullets and sandbox sacks … Carefully train your Ninja, please your master, earn XP points, Collect coins and you will upgrade. This game is highly entertaining, beautifully designed graphics and it tests your Ninja training abilities.

Clumsy Ninja offers in-app fees for coins and gems to help you train your Ninja.

Download Clumsy Ninja for iOS

Download Clumsy Ninja for Android

2. Ninja Fishing

Travel from Tranquil Sea to Dinosaur Island and Food Paradise on a fishing adventure. Ninja Fishing is not a normal fishing game but Ninja version fishing game. From the boat, you drop the fishing rod to the bottom of the sea to catch fish. Remember that when you release the fishing rod, you need to avoid swimming fish because the deeper the fishing rod, the more fish you will catch. Furthermore, wherever the hook touches the fish under the water, the fishing rod will be pulled up immediately. After that, the fish you catch will be released into the air and Ninja’s task is to cut all those fish.

Ninja FishingNinja Fishing

The game has more than 140 species of fish, 90 extremely rare treasures and 6 unique islands to explore. Put on a mask and hook bait on the fishing rod for a Ninja fishing and slashing challenge. Ninja Fishing offers in-app purchases for gold and drills to help hook your hook deeper to the bottom.

Download Ninja Fishing for iOS

Download Ninja Fishing for Android

3. Ninja Spinki Challenges

Ninja Spinki Challenges is a simple and fun game with adorable Ninja character. There are 30 different challenge levels for you to show off your Ninja skills. You will likely need to use your speed and agility to avoid enemies or aim to take them down with your darts.

Ninja Spinki Challenges

You will have limited time to complete the challenges, so stay focused and prepared to move quickly. Besides challenges, the game also offers endless game modes where you can hone your skills. Ninja Spinki Challenges is a completely free game, with no in-app purchases.

Download Ninja Spinki Challenges for iOS

Download Ninja Spinki Challenges for Android

4. Stupid Ninjas Free

If a fan of Stupid Zombies Stupid Ninjas Free is a must. While the characters may be different, the game concept is similar. You must eliminate the Ninja by slashing them to save the villagers. When the slash is successful, the other Ninja will be hit by the launched darts.

Stupid Ninjas FreeStupid Ninjas Free

Stupid Ninja Free has 180 challenging levels, so plan your moves carefully because you only have one chance to try it out. And you not only shoot to get a high score, but also try to collect all three stars for a perfect move.

Stupid Ninjas Free offers in-app purchases for hints and all levels of gameplay.

Download Stupid Ninjas Free for iOS

Download Stupid Ninjas Free for Android

5. Urban Ninja

Move smoothly through the streets of Urban Ninja. In this game you are Francois, a secret Ninja spy on a challenging adventure. You can climb walls, climb buildings and jump from roof to roof using your Ninja skills.

Urban Ninja

To complete the mission, you have to craft your way through the levels while avoiding enemies and collecting stars. Your goal is to grasp the ropes of the helicopter that will take you to a safe zone and send you on the next mission. Just make sure you get enough points before you get to the helicopter or you have to play the level again.

Urban Ninja offers in-app purchases for bailout and ad removal on Android.

Download Urban Ninja for iOS

Download Urban Ninja for Android

6. Gentleman Ninja

Perhaps your desire is to become the most polite Ninja possible. If so, be kind when you take down the enemies in the Gentleman Ninja. In this game, you simply touch the green and red buttons to slash enemies of the same color along the way. One point to watch out for is that the ground is collapsing behind you, so you have to move quickly but accurately to continue.

Gentleman Ninja

Gradually you will unlock new characters. Start from a gentleman to a pirate and an astronaut using your super skills. Gentleman Ninja offers in-app purchases for removing ads.

Download Gentleman Ninja for iOS

Download Gentleman Ninja for Android

7. Monkey Ninja

Why is it a normal Ninja that lacks the special aspects when you can be a Monkey Ninja? In the game developed by the creators of the game Urban Ninja, you have to master the aerobatics and kicks in the air. Your goal is to safely pass rooms using your agile actions and strategic plans.

Monkey Ninja

You must also watch out for dangerous obstacles such as hidden spikes that require you to show special powers of Ninja Monkey to overcome. Complete 100 challenges with three rooms and earn achievements along the way, like Weapon Master and Banana Buffet. Put the banana aside and get ready for the challenge in Monkey Ninja.

Monkey Ninja offers in-app purchases on Android devices for removing ads.

Download Monkey Ninja for iOS

Download Monkey Ninja for Android

Are you ready and confident enough to overcome the challenges in the 7 Ninja games mentioned above? Experience it and see how far you can go. Surely these games will bring you extremely fun and relaxing moments.

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